Crash! Boom! Bang! Montague Street Is A Disaster!! (As Crews Film A TV Commercial)

Professional photographer & Heights resident Rick Elkins was walking through the neighborhood around 11:15 this morning, when he came upon the scene of a horrendous mass of metal and debris in front of Banana Republic at 133 Montague Street. Amid the debacle were a vehicle with a smashed windshield, a felled lamp-post and a crushed supermarket cart. Egads!

Our correspondent noted a camera crew in the vicinity and inquired about the goings on. Elkins says: “I asked one of the guys what they were shooting, and got the bored reply, ‘A commercial.'” Oh… Okay, then, please return to your regularly scheduled program. All systems appear normal. (More photos below the jump)

UPDATE: 3:30 p.m. Filming continues with a crowd of zombies and ghouls! The spot is for the New York Lottery. It’s a pretty hilarious scene, with crowds of onlookers amusing themselves.

(Photos: Rick Elkins)

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  • David on Middagh

    “Lamppost Hits Car”–now that would have been news!

  • Knight

    Is it a commercial for Le Pain Quotidien?

  • Karen

    Lotto commercial…

  • x

    anyone got photos of the zombie actors? I saw them by Ann Taylor but didn’t get a chance to take a photo..

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone noticed the commercials for News 4 NY (NBC) with scenes on Cranberry Street, the Promenade, Siggy’s, and other places here in them?