BHB, Other NYC Hyperlocal Blogs Featured in Real Deal

The Real Deal looks at some of NYC’s most prominent hyperlocal blogs including BHB. Once again Homer’s “government name” is used:

The Real Deal: Loscalzo said he was surprised by the responsibility he now feels to his readership. “When people start reading and interacting, there’s a responsibility to tell all the information,” he said. “It’s much different than writing a blog [for] your friends.”

Other bloggers, like our pal Brownstoner, talk about using blogging to grow a business:

“The flea market business is a much better business than blogging,” Butler said. Additionally, Butler has tried his hand at real estate development, converting 1000 Dean Street into an artist workspace with a beer hall and artisanal food court.
“Certainly, it’s helpful being at the nexus of a lot of information flow with Brownstoner, to be aware of potential investment and development opportunities,” he said. “And having the site to write about them periodically certainly doesn’t hurt either.”

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  • David on Middagh

    I checked out a few of the other blogs. Ours is the best!

  • Andrew Porter

    The “Butler” responsible for Brownstoner is Jonathan Butler. The only problem he had was when his open threads were hijacked by people just nattering away, without any reference to topics raised on his wonderful, Brownstone Brooklyn oriented blog. He solved the problem by dropping those.