Open Thread Wednesday: September 12, 2012

What’s got you going on this Wednesday, September 12, 2012? Post away, BHB minions!

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  • Virgil Starkwell

    The new Bob Dylan album is pretty good. Perhaps it is being slightly overpraised by the critics, but I’m still happy with it. So with Dylan on my mind, perhaps the community can weigh in and settle this once and for all:

    Is the Montague Street referenced in the Dylan classic,”Tangled Up Blue”, the Montague Street we all know and think has too many phone stores?

    What do you think?

  • north heights res


  • Homer Fink

    @virgil – been there, done that… read this thread:

    and so it goes…

  • Andrea Stone

    We need to redo our small bathroom and are looking for good, reliable and reasonable contractors. If you have a recommendation, please let me know.

  • Chuck Taylor

    MINION: used as “a favored or highly regarded person / something or someone cherished, prized.” not as in “servile follower.”
    hugs- =ct=

  • Virgil Starkwell

    Interesting to know there were Dylan sightings in the neighborhood back in the day. Thanks for the response, Homer.

  • Monty

    Brooklyn Book Festival is wrapping with an all-day event at Borough Hall on Sep 23 with a litany of literary luminaries.

  • Wiley E.

    Democratic Primary is tomorrow – Thursday 9/13.

  • Hicks St Guy

    oh yeah, Bob Dylan, the guy who does the bad Tom Waits imitation?

  • David on Middagh

    I think of Bob Dylan as “The poor man’s Tom Petty”.

  • Wiley E.

    Let’s write a letter to Ray Zimmerman and see if he ever lived in the Heights.

  • SPM

    Can someone help me here: There is a dog that is let out in the owner’s backyard on Pierrepont Street every day at regular intervals from 6:00 am who barks constantly. I can’t tell which house it is but it’s on Pierrepont between Montague Terrace and Hicks Street on the southside of the street. The dog probably arrived about six months ago and this is constant. If you are the owner, please be considerate of your neighbors. With the windows open, your dog’s barking causes my dog and other dogs in my building to bark and awakens the entire side of my building.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

  • C.

    Walked past a new bar that’s opened in the old Kevin Barry’s space. It’s called “Dining Room”. Looks nice on the inside, but the cheap, tacky gold lettering on the signage is pretty bad.

    Also a ramen place is opening up on Bond between Fulton and Livingston called Ganso. Looks pretty promising.

  • Gerry

    @ SPM – You mean Pirerrepont Place and Hicks Street and NOT Montague Terrace which runs between Montague Street and Remsen Street.

  • Still Here

    Don’t forget – tomorrow is a primary election day.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    C, where is The Dining Room? Not familiar with Kevin Barry’s old space.

  • C.

    @Columbia Heighster:

    It’s on Willoughby Downtown. Across from Fantastic Deli.

  • I❤BH

    I just had an unfortunate exchange with a young man walking 4 dogs. My assumption is that he is a dog walker based on his age, amount of dogs, and the vastly different breeds he had with him.

    We were walking towards each other and as I passed a tree square occupying 1/3 of the width space of the block, I politely walked towards the curb side to make room for him to go by. As we got about 3 feet from each other (now equidistant to two trees) one of his dogs ran to the tree in front of me and started smelling the trunk. Another dog on his other side started the pee smelling ritual on someone’s stoop.

    So the entire width of the block is now choked off by his leashes stretched from one side to the other. I stopped and kind of smiled (a little dumbfounded) for a few seconds, he looked at me with an attitude as I just stood there waiting… he then looked back at the dog now setting up to pee on the tree. I looked at him and said, “excuse me, can i get by?” He quickly yelled at me, “why don’t you just walk around?” suggesting I walk into the street around the tree. At this point his other dog is now peeing on the stoop as well. I said, “so dogs get more space on the street than humans now?” He belligerently said, “yes” and walked away with complete indignation.

    I’m not going to post a picture of this person as the BHB seems to remove imagery and/or video of people doing bad things (not cleaning up after their dogs, etc.) but I’m pretty sure he is walking some of your dogs.

    Besides his rudeness, trees are affected by dog urine, as are the plants above the soil and the dormant ones below…. And for the love of baby Jesus, stop letting dogs pee on people’s beautiful brownstone stairs and stoops. It causes damage, smells and is just indecent. Please be sure your dog walkers are following basic rules that are in place to protect our neighborhood and personal property (finding one with some manners would be nice too).

  • jane

    Anyone here every use MOLLY MAIDS?

  • David on Middagh

    “Don’t forget – tomorrow is a primary election day.”

    How could we? Phone calls, flyers, knocks on the door… I’ve started telling campaigners that I’ve had it: I’m going to flip a coin.

  • Jorale-man

    Speaking of restaurants, the NY Times gave the new Dumbo restaurant Governor a pretty solid two stars today:

    I haven’t been but it looks fairly promising.

  • C.

    to add on from before… I think Kevin Barry’s was one big L shaped bar with two entrances, one on Willoughby and one on Lawrence. It looks like their will be two seperate bars their now. Dining Room is on Willougby and, walking by before, I saw a crew and work being done on the Lawrence street side. I’m guessing they’ve split the space into two seperate bars. Two for one. Not bad. Not sure if either will be worth going to, but at least it’s an option for the Metro-Tech work crowd, hotel row and all the new high-rises in the area.

  • Wiley E.

    Kevin Barry’s? Didn’t Robert Roundtree hang there? Damn Shaft.

  • Melissa

    And now for something completely different, has anyone ever had the air or dust tested inside their home? Wondering if there are companies/individuals who do this.

  • Monty

    Yet readers here voted dogs ahead of cats and babies.

  • kipped

    Has anyone read the fall issue of Brooklyn Magazine? In its “Neighborhood Power Rankings” Brooklyn Heights is No. 12 out of 20. It fell one spot from the previous issue, with this cited:

    “When a hot-dog cart set-up on Montague Street in June, residents responded on a local blog as though homeless junkies hand burned down their homes. A hot-dog cart!”

  • bagel boy

    Dog peeps are pigs. They sleep with dogs. Enough said.

  • Andrew Porter

    “Minions of the Moon” was an excellent book by John W. Campbell, not to be confused with “Minyans of the Moon” by David on Middagh.

    I noticed yesterday that the B&B Empire place on the corner of Clinton and Atlantic, home of the infamous Montreal Bagels, is “closed for renovations”, whatever that means.

    Also, the addition to Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue is due to open on September 26th, though it looks like it might need more time.

  • LISA

    Does anyone know why the 2 beams that signified the WTC on
    9/11 were so far south from where the WTC was?

  • Mr. Crusty

    I was thinking the same thing Lisa.