Massage Envy ‘Opening Soon’… Really, Truly?

Massage Envy Spa at 147 Remsen Street has been “Opening Soon” for what seems like more than a year now, however, a BHB tipster shares:

“Looks like Massage Envy on Remsen is close to opening. They put in a new sidewalk last month, and tonight, I noticed all the paper was off the windows and a gentleman was vacuuming the bright new interior. Construction permits are still on the window, so I guess it’s not quite finished.”

The Brooklyn Heights location’s website is up & running here, with a note that (still) says “Opening Soon.” Hours and services are also listed. The chain has stores across the country. (Photo: BHB)

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  • Wiley E.

    Will there ever be a “happy-ending” to this massage story?

  • GHB

    It didn’t take long for yet another “happy ending’ response. You’re so predictable!

  • Wiley E.

    Ha, ha, ha

  • Jorale-man

    This wakah-wakah guitar theme appears to be in a minor key…

  • Wiley E.

    The Blue Diamond Massage on Henry Street off State Street is still open for those needing a helping hand. (or so I’ve heard)

  • amanda

    I really don’t understand the name “Massage Envy”. Are we supposed to envy the massage recipient? Envy the masseuses and masseurs doing the massage? Is it a play on words that I’m just not getting? Enlighten me please, if you have any clue.

  • David on Middagh

    Amanda, “Massage Envy” doesn’t make sense to me, either. Maybe we could reverse-coin an expression to make it *seem* like the amiably corny pun it should be.

    I know!

    Message ennui: existential despair upon checking one’s messages.