In Broad Daylight, Teen Mugged on Henry Street

It’s that time of week for the Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter.  This time around we learn about two thugs mugging folks on the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges as well as this tender tale of a skell shaking down a 13 year old:

Brooklyn Paper: Police Blotter: A thug mugged a 13-year-old — from Manhattan, no less! — at the corner of Henry and Clark streets on Nov. 5, getting away without a fight.

The student, who lives in Tribeca but goes to school in Brooklyn Heights, was walking to the subway at 2:30 pm when the perp approached him and said, “Give me your wallet.”

The kid obliged without a fight, handed over his wallet and $47, and went home.

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  • Resident

    I know of at least 6 12-13 yr olds who have been mugged after school in this neighborhood in the past month.

  • Eric

    Do we have or do we need to set up a neighborhood watch? I’m happy to spend some time watching over Joralemon & Henry when the sun goes down. I can’t believe how common this is / becoming in our neighborhood.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Bonnie Burke

    Re: Key Food Labor Dispute
    Events are proceeding apace. Thanks to Diane of the Brooklyn Bugle for posting her article with more to come. Harrassment continues and some interesting facts in Mohammed’s favor are coming to light.

    We are laying low right now so as not to make the workers’ life more stressful (if possible), but should anything happen to Mohammed, for instance, I have every faith that the Brooklyn Heights community will be there in an instant like the revolutionary minutemen from our history to do whatever has to be done.

    John, thanks for the offer you posted a week or so ago. Please contact me: so I can put you in touch with the right people.

  • Pilar

    This is very upsetting to me. I have lived in the heights for 13 years and have loved how safe I have always felt. For the past 2 months I have not been so at ease. I love this community and I feel that as a community we need to take a united stand and do something about this. I would be willing to volunteer in a neighborhood watch.

  • Nancy

    Many of the attacks have occured off of Monroe Place; I know of at least three kids who were jumped

  • LS

    As the economy continues to decline, crime will continue to rise. What is more alarming is that the crime is happening in broad daylight. Clark and Henry Sts is a busy intersection with the restaurant, school, deli and the dorm kids smoking outside, and this can still happen. I have been hearing more and more about increased crime around the entire city with many happening during daylight hours.

    I think a neighborhood watch is a good idea but what about during the day? What is our precinct doing about this? When I moved here I saw officers everywhere, now I don’t see any at all except the traffic cops giving out tickets. What has happened to our little neighborhood?

  • PJL

    I agree: the police presence around here has dropped dramatically over the last few years….

    Should we be contacting the precinct? City Council?

    Perhaps we could start a petition…. Any advice?

  • my2cents

    we could complain in force to Yassky. Maybe he can use this to try and dig himself out of the hole he made.

  • henry & state

    years and years ago….BHA had a civilian patrol program. There was a car that we drove around in thru the neighborhood.

  • Billy Reno

    Description of the perp, please!

    Where the hell is Curtis Sliwa when you need him? Do I have to do this myself?!

  • Kim

    I just saw 3 cops in the Clark St. Subway station..good I guess.

  • Julia

    This is our neighborhood. One thing is for sure we can’t stand idly by and let this continue to happen. We pay too much to live where we do and shouldn’t feel threatened walking home in MIDDAY for Christsakes!!!

  • AliG

    Nothing like being underground when all the crime is on the street…that’s not so good.

  • nelson

    I only see a cop car run the stop sign at Montague and Montague Terrace while I’m walking the dog at 6am as they speed to Remsen, run another stop sign and pull up at the dead end to have their morning coffee and donuts….other than that, I really don’t see their presence at all.

  • my2cents

    I for one am glad there are cops in the kiosks on the subway platforms. I’d rather take my chances on the street than down there.