Open Thread Wednesday 11/12/08

BHB Photo Club pic by JoelZimmer via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by JoelZimmer via Flickr

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  • amy

    Anyone know if there was filming on Orange St. since last Wednesday? I went to move my car this morning and it was gone. I called the tow lot and it wasn’t there so I am hoping it just got relocated and isn’t stolen. Any ideas on who I can call to find out about filming?

    Thanks for the help!

  • TK Small

    I was under the impression that the Police Department kept a list of cars that get relocated. If they do not know roughly where your car was moved to, that would suggest unfortunately that your vehicle was stolen. I would start with the 84th precinct: 718-875-6811.

  • berkeley

    Amy, from my experience, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for your tape deck. Or any Creedence tapes.

  • Cranberry

    Amy – The Pilgrim Church had the Yankee Fair on Saturday between Henry & Hicks Street. If that is where you were parked I would say that your car was relocated.

  • Andrew

    I seem to recall this coming up in an open thread recently, but can’t seem to recall when. Does anyone have a recommendation for a contractor to do a kitchen renovation (including moving some walls)?

  • lee

    Donald Butler is a great contractor

  • Peter

    Is there some hidden-gem Italian restaurant in or near the neighborhood that I haven’t checked out? I love Noodle Pudding and Fragole and I like Po and Queen very much, but I have a feeling there is a restaurant out there that I am overlooking. Any thoughts from the Italian-lovers?

  • Mikey

    Amy, as Cranberry said, the street was cleared for the Yankee Fair over the weekend. I walked by last wednesday evening, and there were signs up, from the church, saying something like “the PD won’t be putting up No Parking signs until Friday, so we wanted to give our neighbors a little more notice…”

    So your best bet would probably be to ask at Plymouth Church if they have a contact number. Hope that helps!

  • Cranberry

    Peter – Frankies Spuntino in Carroll Garden is great. It is on Court St between 4th Place and Luquer. Incidentally, across the street Le Petit Cafe is fantastic place for brunch or even just a coffee & bagel…

  • Jay

    Can anyone recommend a cleaning person in the heights?

    it’s for a not so big apartment. craigslist has been very unhelpful.

  • lifer

    Peter, if you want some old school, “Brooklyn Italian” Red Rose on Smith street is great, specials made every day by the owners father, the rice balls are the shizznit..

  • AEB


  • New2Nabe

    Hello Heightsizens, as holiday season fast approaches, and I being a resident here less then a year, I was wondering if anyone can give me some idea as to what they give ($) their doorman as their “holiday gift”. Thank you all for your help

  • Homer Fink

    We’ve got that covered here:

  • BP

    Contractor: Don Butler
    Excellent references

  • R

    Re towing/relocating cars: The police are supposed to keep a list of relocated cars, but they’re not always diligent about it. I noticed my car gone one day when I went to move it for alternate side, called the cops, they checked the relocation list and my car wasn’t on it. I had to report it stolen. It was “found” two weeks later after it accrued several tickets at its new location and was towed.

    The cops actually were really nice about it when I reported it stolen, saying “your car wasn’t stolen, we don’t have car thefts around here” and they drove me around the neighborhood for about an hour to look for it. Apparently it is supposed to be relocated within 6 blocks.

  • New2Nabe

    Much obliged Mr. Fink

  • AEB

    II: Shizznit?!

  • yo

    fo shizzle

  • Peter

    Thanks for the suggestions Cranberry and lifer, I am already looking forward to checking out those suggestions, much appreciated!

    I really wish they would open up a nice Italian place — or really any nice restaurant — on Montague Street. For what it has to offer, Montague seems like such a waste of a prime location. Sad.

  • berkeley

    Peter, given your nod to Po and lifer’s call-out of Red Rose, moving beyond the neighborhood’s borders, it would be hard to ignore Ferdinando’s Focacceria (151 Union Street b/w Hicks and Columbia). Classic Brooklyn experience. La Pizzetta on Atlantic brings the Savoia menu to the hood, without the hike to Smith Street. Cranberry’s fave, Frankies Spuntino, and the ever-reliable Bocca Lupo both merit the traverse of Atlantic Avenue.

  • bornhere

    Peter- To agree with berkeley, Ferdinando’s is a wonderful, old-school place that actually IS old school. They are not open late (I think they’re closed Sundays), and there is NOTHING elegant about them. But great food, ancient, and one of a see-how-many-like-this-you-can-find breed.

  • Peter

    Berkeley and bornhere, Ferdinando’s sounds right up my alley … I believe that will be my next stop. Great stuff, keep them coming. I usually hit Noodle Pudding, only because its a block from my apartment, but I am always up for a “road trip” if the food warrants the journey …

  • AEB

    …and Fernando’s is where, please?

  • AEB

    Oooops…I see…never mind. Sorry!

  • bornhere

    Union, between Hicks and Columbia Street (but “other” side of the BQE).

    On another note: has anyone noticed the Mr Souvlaki’s Dental Emporium and Flat Fix has a “For Rent” sign?!

  • E G

    I’d like to address the query on the guy in front of DR (Court St) He is a panhandler on disability. He apparently possesses a wisdom that attracts people to him. I don’t go to him for advice or perspective, nor do I know anybody who does.

    Beyond that, I don’t know. I wonder if you might politely ask the man himself.

  • Nancy

    Does anyone know a person who does computer repairs in the Heights? I have a Toshiba laptop that is fritzing out on me.

  • amy

    found my car…it had been “relocated” to Dumbo. Thanks to everyone for your help. I would never have found it if you hadn’t suggested checking with the church because the police didn’t have it on their list of relocated cars and just told me to call 911 and file a report….i would never have looked for it in Dumbo and it probably would have been weeks before it turned up!

  • BF

    any recs for a good, reasonably priced tailor for some alterations to suits and jackets in BH?