Open Thread Wednesday 11/12/08

BHB Photo Club pic by JoelZimmer via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by JoelZimmer via Flickr

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • bklyn20

    For a cleaning person, I would recommend Melinda Charles.

    Melinda can be reached at (347) 393-4741.

    She has cleaned up for me after messy children’s parties — unfortunately I can’t commit financially to a regular cleaning person — and she has cleaned and given child care for several of my friends for quite some time. I have known her for over 7 years, and have met several member of her family.

    Should you call her, I will be telling her I have referred her on this blog, so that she can then put you in touch with me directly.

    She’s trustworthy, hard-working and a great person. Give her a try!

  • bornhere

    I love this blog and can’t imagine the work it takes to maintain it. But … the reduction of the number of entries to the “Nabe Chatter” section is a bit disappointing; I tend to rely on that to read posts that might be of interest to me, and with only 3 new entries being noted, I know I’m probably missing out on things I might have otherwise read. Any chance of reverting to the old practice? (I do check this from work, and hours and hours — and entries and entries — can pass between “refreshes.”)

  • AEB

    Great news, Amy!

    Can you relate how you got to DUMBO–that is, were you directed to a spot there by the church?

  • mhg

    hi everybody, Shameless plug here. i’ll be signing my children’s picture books at the Brooklyn Museum Children’s Book Fair this Saturday, Nov 15 from 1-5. There are 30+ plus author illustrators there. I also sell original illustrations and some of my own books that went out of print. I’ll sign them too. You can reach me through my website at I live in the Heights for 31 years. Love this blog.

  • Melissa

    Good Italian – Bocca Lupo on Henry.

  • anon

    Response to mhg’s shameless plug: we love the Mermaids on Parade book. A relative in Boston sent it to us, 3 years after we took her to the parade, and it makes for a great kids book (ours are 2). As a big fan of the parade (and a judge for one year), it really capturered the fun and clearly you love Brooklyn and the parade as much we do.

  • henry & state

    It’s a day late but suggestions none the less
    pizza – brick oven and old italian ambiance – court street in cobble hill – I recommend SAM’s Italian restaurant.
    Tayloring on state & off court street next to the cigar store.
    very good job.
    also marco polo on court in carroll gardens but $$$

  • GHB

    Marco Polo sucks! Seriously…

  • amy

    AEB – Yes, the church had kept a list and gave me the location in DUMBO where my car was.

  • AliG

    BF – the folks at the dry cleaning joint on corner of Henry & Clark next to the Penny Bridge Store do a great job tailoring.

    Love the pizza at Pizzetta and while they’ve recently expanded their menu, it is still a very abbreviated version of Savoia’s. Also, the dude behind the bar is a lazy SOB, make sure you don’t have him wait on you or you’ll be waiting on him.
    The end.

  • mhg

    Thanks anon, I feel like no one knows I exist! Why I sent a shameless plug. Thanks Homer! I am so incredibly busy trying to stay afloat (I must do my own publicity as well as write, paint and sell my books to editors) I hardly hit the streets anymore. I used to be the mayor of BH. My books are sold at the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, Book Court, and there are mermaid tails and my book Mermaids on Parade is for sale at Superfine in Dumbo. The performance art group I march in the parade with, the Superfine Dinettes. are characters in the book as well as over 50 local Bklyn artists and musicians. As for Brooklyn, I’m it’s biggest fan.

  • henry & state

    GHB – I haven’t been there in such a long time and last time I was there it had lost its flavor allot so no arguement from me that it sucks. I was just putting it out there –

  • TK Small


    I forwarded your comment to Homer concerning the “neighborhood chatter” section. Voilà!

  • bornhere

    TK and Homer-
    Voilà indeed! Thanks, guys :)

  • anon

    Glad to write a nice blog comment note. The person who sent us the book owns a book store near Boston, so you have a fan there, too, in addition to your many others. Keep drawing and writing, please!

  • mhg

    Hey anon, you can contact me through my website and I can send you an autographed label for your book and/or keep you up to date on my private email list! That goes for anyone else too. Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

  • Nancy

    Gristede’s set to open next Friday. Normally that wouldn’t mean much to me, but with the way things have been going at Key Food, I’m more than happy to dump them and go to Gristede’s