Buh Bye Baluchi’s Hello Asya

This in from a BHB reader about changes at 46 Henry Street:

Balucchi’s is now “asya”! Did they lose the franchise license? That spot is cursed.

Also BHB regular “Topham Beauclerk” comments on our Bevacco story with this tidbit:

I went to Baluchi’s successor this weekend. The place is now called Asya. The food and service are equally good.

Baluchi’s opened last year in the former Seasons space under the same ownership. In February, the eatery ran into some issues the the Department of Health.

Commenter “Monty” points out that Asya’s website in now live.


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  • Monty

    Website is up already. Menu looks identical to Baluchis.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Went to Baluchi’s twice. The food was just OK. If I want consistently good Indian food I go to Salaam Bombay on Greenwich Street. The weekend buffet has lots of interesting excellent food and the price is reasonable.

  • Tony

    @Monty: the menu looks identical except for the red typeface, which make it impossible to read in low lighting. @WillowSt.Neighbor: you’re a tough critic if you find the food there “just OK”; I think it’s quite good.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    I just noticed that Baluchi’s closed (I’ve been away) Its always a bad sign when the poster you put up in the window says your website is yoursite dot com….


  • http://subwaysubculture.com G.

    Ate there for the first time last night. I wasn’t expecting too much, I’m a serious food snob. I have to say the quality was EXCELLENT. This is much better quality than Baluchi’s–and it puts all other Indian food I’ve had in Brooklyn Heights to shame. I was particularly impressed by the qualities of the tamarind and cilantro chutneys. You know, those ubiquitous green and red sauces that come with Indian food? Well, at Aysa, the depth of flavor and clarity of ingredients shone. I ordered the Lamb Cochin (not on the menu at Baluchi’s) which, while not the best I’ve ever tasted, brought me back to the south of India in a way that I find hard to reproduce in New York. While this may not be tip top gourmet Indian, it’s some of the best Indian food I’ve had in Brooklyn. And the prices are right. I could not recommend this restaurant more.

  • Mikey

    WOW, you have to get your taste buds correct G. First off, this place was practically empty there were three gentlemen huddled up discussing something def more important than my table. Service was a major negative. Then went on to order the Non-Veg mixed grill, out of all the items on the plate, the only thing that was bearable was the Chicken Tikka. Everything was dry and over cooked. Seemed as if Sandy effected their food. I couldn’t believe how horrible the service was when the owner of the place was in house, at least that what the man looked like to us. He seemed as if he was oblivious to what was happening, we ate literally two pieces off the plate and no one asked what the reason was. Really Really disappointing, not only was the app bad but we gave it another shot with the main course, and tasted the Chicken Korma, it was utterly sweet and came cold to the table, Shocking even more so since the place was practically empty.

    I hope they change up something because its a decent looking place, the service -5, food we gave it a 3 out of 10 since the samosas were pleasant. Living here for so long, I prefer going to Curry Heights the atmosphere isn’t as nice, but the food and service def beat this place.