Thugs Rob Montague Street Store

The Brooklyn Paper’s Police Blotter reports some shenanigans in Brooklyn Heights over the last few weeks including news of a store robbery on Montague Street (anyone have a clue what store it was?):

Brooklyn Paper: Police Blotter: Someone robbed a Montague Street bodega on Nov. 2.

The 39-year-old man working in the store, which is between Hicks and Henry streets, told cops the thug entered the bodega at around 1 pm and passed a note over the counter that read, “This is a robbery. Please put all your money in the bag and hand it to me. Don’t make any funny moves — I’m not alone.”

The clerk did as the note commanded, and the suspect fled with more than $3,100.

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  • berkeley

    I’d have to figure it’s a mistake about the cross streets, and that it’s the newsstand next to Happy Days. The only thing that could be confused with a bodega between Hicks and Henry is Key Food, or the long defunct newsstand that occupied the Montague Street Saloon space before Fishes Eddy and now Housing Works.

  • Yuppers

    Unless the paper considers L&H to be a bodega…

  • hicks

    It was the bagel shop. I was in line directly behind the robber and had no idea what was happening until after the fact.

  • my2cents

    i figured it was the bagel shop. Damn! 1pm??

  • bhmom

    How could the police blotter get that detail wrong? Is the bagel shop remotely like a bodega? Weird.

  • James

    There are usually more cops there at that hour than anyone else. I work across the street.

  • GHB

    Fay, they were probably elsewhere scoring donuts!

  • joe

    Anyone else freaked out that this happened on one of the safest streets in BH at 1pm!

  • hoppy


    Not really, since the “weapon” was a note.

  • nabeguy

    Given that they called a bagel shop a bodega, they might have had the time wrong as well. It only takes one bad keystroke to change this from a midday robbery to a midnight one. Hicks, you were there, so please verify the time. Whatever the case, the circumstances surrounding this story are bizarre. Passing a note in a bagel shop hold-up?
    Did the perp chicken out on robbing a bank? And $3,100 in the till at 1:00 PM? Given that a bagel store would do most of its business in the morning hours, wouldn’t they have cleared the register by then? Okay, I’ll take off my trench coat now, but you have to wonder.

  • hoppy

    $3,100 at the bagel shop seems like a lot of dough.

  • nabeguy

    There seem to be a lot of holes in ths story.

  • Bongo

    Enough with the puns! You’d think they’d have better lox on the register.

  • Meisee

    LOL, nabeguy & Bongo, you guys crack me up! Almost spat out my coffee!

  • Meisee

    LOL, nabeguy & Bongo, you guys crack me up! Almost spat out my coffee!

  • Topham Beauclerk

    The bagel shop’s owner tells me there’s every indication that the cashier who gave the robber the money was working in concert with him.

  • hicks

    Yes, it was at 1pm.

  • Matlock


  • nabeguy

    Topham, that sounds like a schmear campaign to me. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one)

  • my2cents

    i had a feeling it was an inside job. It makes perfect sense. For a clerk to hand over 3100 bucks in the middle of the day to an unarmed robber seems “seedy” any way you slice it (if I may pun as well). I hope they catch the people who hatched this caper!

  • bornhere

    I think nabeguy wins.

  • nabeguy

    Personally, I prefer capers with my lox, but not necessarily my bagels. But that’s enough with the rye humor. I’m signing off…