Robert Pattinson Talks Giamatti, Brooklyn Heights in GMA Interview

Heartthrob Robert Pattinson’s shambolic interview on Good Morning America today featured a quip about Brooklyn Heights resident Paul Giamatti, who as reported here was on the program earlier this week plugging their movie Cosmopolis.
Watch the interview after the jump.

NY Post: A calmer, cooler Pattinson scored one good zinger in his “GMA” sit down after directors played a clip of his “Cosmopolis” co-star Paul Giamatti comically boasting that he’s the real chick magnet of the flick.
“If you go to Brooklyn Heights, Paul Giamatti is like the biggest,” Pattinson quipped of his indie co-star.

Pattinson is no stranger to Brooklyn Heights – he filmed Remember Me here in 2009.

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  • harumph

    good grief

  • AEB

    “If you go to Brooklyn Heights, Paul Giamatti is like the biggest.”

    Indeed. There’s something almost…poignant about claiming Mr.Giametti as our own, so feeble is his star’s light.

    Let’s give stories on him/mentioning him at least a temporary rest, shall we?

  • Livingston

    Hmm… I think this says something about the Brooklyn Heights sex appeal quotient.. and it’s not pretty ;-)