Filmmaker Heather Quinlan Discusses Her Breakup Cookbook Blog In NY Daily News

BHB contributor, filmmaker and Brooklyn Heights resident Heather Quinlan, who recently completed documentary “If These Knishes Could Talk,” is interviewed in a New York Daily News story about… ice cream. The piece hinges on the fact that Jon Stewart offered a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to console Robert Pattinson on “The Daily Show” after his split with cheating girlfriend Kristen Stewart. It goes on to talk to several New Yorkers about licking their own wounds.

“For most people, a bowlful (or two) of their favorite comfort food is exactly what they need after a breakup,” the News offers, with a quote from Quinlan, who also co-founded the Breakup Cookbook blog with friend Cate Wells: “Sometimes I wasn’t hungry at all and sometimes I was ravenous. To get me through the ravenous phases, there was the typical eating ice cream and watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle.'”

Quinlan says she also turned to cooking. “I was about 22 or 23 and home by myself. All of a sudden, it came from out of nowhere, I just started cooking.” Her first project was cherry pie, adapted from a cookbook called “Dinner & a Movie.” After a second failed relationship, Quinlan and Wells started the blog, where they post recipes under such categories as Denial Desserts, Angry Appetizers and Bargaining Meals, while asking readers to share their own.

“It was a lot of chocolate cake, a lot of mac & cheese,” she says. Read the full story in Wednesday’s New York Daily News here.

(Photo: Wall Street Journal)

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  • Heather Quinlan

    Hah! Yes, this was in reference to my previous life as a single foodie blogger. Now I’m not single but I would love to resurrect the site. Maybe once we’re done editing Knishes next month … ?