Un-Term Limited Millman Slapskys Yassky

It’s days like this that we have to really give a big High Five to our special friend Gersh Kuntzman errr The Politicker errr  Politicrasher  who is totally NOT Gersh at the Brooklyn Paper.  Witness this deconstruction of reaction to City Councilman David Yassky’s two step on term limits:

Brooklyn Paper: They lyin…: Assemblywoman Joan Millman (D–Carroll Gardens) also attacked Yassky’s integrity.

“What he did was not the progressive thing,” said Millman. “It outraged people. And his explanation was convoluted and torturous. If you put forth an amendment, you need to gather support for it. And if it fails, you should vote against the bill. I certainly would have voted against changing term limits.”

(A cynic would point out that as a member of the Assembly, the only term limit that a Democrat like Millman faces is death, but why be cynical in a story about a topic so pure as David Yassky’s term-limit vote?)

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  • nicky

    joan is right .. David yassky is an opportuitst.. but then again what exactly are her morals// she sold out to marty commor and the orgnanizatin many many years ago.. she is also a hack

  • T.K. Small

    More damaging than comments from Joan Millman wording remarks from de Blasio. He really rips into Yassky.