Brooklyn Bridge Park Raccoon Captured

Our friends at Gothamist got some scary looking photos taken last night by Bobby Finger of a ragged looking one-eyed raccoon seen climbing a chain link fence next to a walkway adjoining Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The critter in the photo above is another, much healthier looking Brooklyn raccoon, caught on pixels by our friend Flatbush Gardener. You may recall our publisher Homer Fink’s encounter with a raccoon two and a half years ago, right on Willow Street!

The raccoon wasn’t the first instance of mammalian wildlife (apart from the unfortunately ubiquitous Rattus norvegicus or the familiar grey squirrel) to be spotted in the Park. Our man Karl found a muskrat living in a pond next to Pier 1 in August, 2010, and named him (or her) “Dodger.” Dodger hasn’t been seen since.

Gothamist updated their post to report that Park officials confirmed that the raccoon has been captured.

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  • Patti O’Kane

    I’m always sad when I hear raccoons are driven from their natural environments, surviing on trash & then captured. My understanding is that when a raccoon is caught in this state they are immediately destroyed ,whether adult or cub, due to exaaggerated fears (NY State Health law?) of rabies.. I think there is still no test that can confirm rabies except autopsy. Feeding raccoons, while maybe a photo opt, is a sure way to ensure their death.

  • Kamuti Kiteme

    This past Sunday while working in the Poplar Community garden on Hicks and Poplar St. by the BQE, I encountered a different raccoon and have pictures. We have an apricot tree that is producing ripe fruit and it was feasting on the fruit. Is BKH having a raccoon invasion?

  • Elmer Fudd

    Raccons have paws like our hands. They can open sealed jars with their paws, and are very, very intelligent. They may kill domestic pets, and are quite destructive to property. They are not good neighbors.