WABC-TV Visits Brooklyn Heights’ Cool Places

Channel 7 visited Brooklyn Heights Friday night to highlight the places to cool down here and around the city over the weekend including the new pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park. How’d you keep cool this weekend?

Watch the video after the jump.

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  • sue

    I hope WABC comes back and has to experience the pool as he regular guy does.. The need to wait on line..No seats for the elderly or handicapped are provided…They also need to test if it is possible to swim in the mini pool. In fact I think the Board of the Conservancy and BBP Corporation should jump in the pool and see if they can swim.. Of course the numbers must be the same as they are for the public… Come on Nancy and Regina are you up to the test?? Why not invite Daniel and Mike (mayor) to join you

  • Gerry

    This pool is a joke a disaster not a great place to swim

  • hicksanthrope

    That pool is a nightmare. Who thought this was a good idea? Really? only 60 people in at a time? You can’t just go swimming around here. It has to be an ordeal. Thanks Steve Levin. Thanks.

  • sue

    My friends
    This is a Daniel Squadron production. It was created by Senator Squadron and Assemblymember Millman when they signed a MOU with the city not to exercise their right to veto housing in the park. In fact, Daniel has issued press releases taking credit (always the self promoter) for it..