Open Thread Wednesday 10/22/08

BHB Photo Club Pic by Brian W Ferry via Flickr

BHB Photo Club Pic by Brian W Ferry via Flickr

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • fishmonger

    I like the new & improved BHB cover photo.

  • T.K. Small

    I just called City Council member David Yassky’s office and learned that he is still “undecided” on extending term limits. The staff member took my name and address after I encouraged him to oppose this measure. There is plenty of time to organize a special election date and have a referendum on this matter.

    If anyone is interested, the contact information is as follows:

    David Yassky
    District Office
    114 Court St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Tel. 718 875-5200
    Fax 718 643-6620

  • cv

    Is Taze, the Turkish restaurant on Montague Street, closed permanently? Thanks.

  • cv

    I just wrote David Yassky; thanks, T.K. Small, for the reminder/suggestion.

  • lcd

    Does anyone know a local handyman/electrician type person who’ll do small jobs?

  • neighbor

    Wow! I can see my window in that photo!

  • JF

    I like(d) Theresa’s and have considered it one of few solid stand-bys. The service never seemed stellar, but is it getting worse? They always seem to mess up at least one thing per order, and the other night I waited an hour 15 mins+ for delivery. When I called I was told that’s just how long it takes and that the delivery guy has no cell phone. Both my problems I guess.

  • Tim N.

    Awesome photo, guys. Thanks.

    And good to know what Bryan Ferry’s been up to since leaving Roxy Music. (Some old folks chuckle, most look on confused.)

  • GHB

    Nice photo… I can see part of my building. I can also see prematurely brown trees, hurt by those damn waterfalls!

  • sue

    lcd, for electrical work I recommend Taj at 718-216-8097, and for handyman projects I highly recommend Scott Reid at 347-277-9637 — he’s trustworthy, a perfectionist, reasonable, and does the work himself.

  • Publius

    I can second Scott Reid. He did some window work for me and his prices are fair and his work excellent.

  • joe

    Theresa’s also messed up my order last week. When I called the guy didn’t seem to care. I told him forget it and ate the thing. I wasn’t about to go back and show the evidence like he mentioned.

    Even when its pick up it can take long. I placed an order and they told me to come by in 30 min and they took 30 min from time I got there to walk out with my food.

    I’ll still order from them but I don’t love them. I miss Kim Paris at least once a week .

  • lcd

    sue, publius – thanks for the recommendations – will check them out.

  • nelson

    Sue…thanks for the electrician…what did you have done…is he professional…sorry to ask but I’ve had a bad experience.

    Also…last week, didn’t several people mention that they had discovered a great hair cutter in BH? Van Sickle or something?
    Thanks again

  • Publius

    I’ve been going to Jessica at Van Sickel for the past three years. She does a great job and the price is only $25 for a man’s cut.

  • ABC

    hey, the bossert hotel is back on the market.

    all we need is 90 mil and a dream. or pray that NYU doesn’t swoop in

  • AliG

    ABC, where did you find out about the Bossert??! That’s great news!

  • yo

    i have my fingers crossed that a hotel developer realizes that the Bossert would make a fantastic hotel (like in the old days) and snaps it up

  • sue

    I had Taj install a ceiling fan in my living room and a window fan and lighting in my bathroom. I was pleased with the job, the cost, and the amount of time it took him to complete it.

  • nelson

    Sue…thank you for the recommendation…I will give him a call
    and thanks Publius for Van Sickle…where did you say they were located?

  • Andrew Porter

    Does anyone know someone in the Heights who repairs vacuum cleaners?

    I agree that Theresa’s isn’t what it used to be — the portions are the same sizes but prices are inevitably creeping up, and the variety in the lunch specials is getting narrower. But at least they’re still around.

  • Amy Spaulding

    Hi, Y’all!

    I was born in Brooklyn and lived in the Heights way back (1965-1970).

    Can anyone from the BHB Photo Club go by 205 Hicks Street (we lived directly above the toy store/pet store) and take a photo and post? Many thanks! I believe it was right across from Key Foods (where mom once left my baby sister behind in the grocery cart and walked home).

    Feeling nostalgic.

  • Mark

    Hello Nelson,
    You can find Salon Van Sickel at 34 Middagh Street, between Hicks and Willow Street. Phone is 718 246 5500. You can also visit us on the web at: for more information.