BBP Pool To Open Soon; Benepe Leaving Parks Department

The “temporary” swimming pool (we understand it will be around for five years) located just inland of Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park (see photo, taken from Promenade) is, according to Brownstoner, likely to open even sooner than a projected June 28 date. Stay tuned.

In other parks related news, the Wall Street Journal reports that City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, seen here riding the lead horse on the first official spin of Jane’s Carousel, and here with Brooklyn Heights Association President Jane McGroarty at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s “Sunset Bhangra” party, is resigning to become head of the San Francisco based Trust for Public Land. Mr. Benepe served as Commissioner for ten years. Mayor Bloomberg has announced that Veronica M. White, now head of the City’s Center for Economic Opportunity, will be his successor.

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  • j

    Why is it temporary?

  • Claude Scales

    As I understand it, there are plans, not yet finalized, to have a larger, better pool (this one is only 3′ 6″ deep); somewhere in, or attached to, the Park. Here is one proposal.

  • Gerry

    We need an aquatics center in downtown Brooklyn indoors open early 530am closed at 11pm 50 meters long 20 feet deep.

    Indoor pools are costly it must be subsidized by the taxpayer.

  • resident

    Gerry, we know, you want a pool. It’s not going to happen at the park. It’s a horrible place for it. Think about where 20 feet deep puts you.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I guess the new Parks Commissioner will give-away/sell even more park land for Economic Opportunity. Any bets?

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I think the entire world now knows that you want an aquatics center!

  • She’s Crafty

    This is a little wading pool with a small man made beach attached, really for the littlest kiddies (too small for mine) but still nice. We do need a large indoor olympic sized pool for grownups though. JUST FOR GROWNUPS.

  • ILikebrooklyn

    I swim at the Y on Atlantic. It does get crowded, however if you get an all-pass you can swim at any Y. I swim at the Vanderbilt Y on weekends. They have two pools. One is adult laps.

  • Anon

    We need an honest to goodness pool. This is pathetic. For such a world class park, as is yapped about endlessly by the flaks at the Conservancy, where is the class? A wading pool is the best you could do for just a couple of years? Pathetic.Oh yeah, this is the big deal Squadron was squawking about. Another pathetic creature.

  • Anon

    P.S. Claude, you are wrong. No one will bring a floating pool back to Brooklyn. And Squadron will be outta here on his “laurels” for getting us this useless kiddie pool.

  • Villager

    Maybe if this pool isn’t good enough for anyone, I can have it all to myself.

  • Dean Collins

    temporary……what a waste of my freaking tax dollars.

    how about they quit hanging around drinking coffee and just finish already. Considering my taxes went up $700 this qtr alone i have no sympathy for this stupid little projects anymore.

  • Mr. Crusty

    That is why the park is funded by the private development Dean. Don’t blame your tax increase on this tiny pool.

  • BH’er

    Yes! An Olympic pool would be great and I hope we get one before we get a velodrome. It would be a fair compromise to build both… maybe the cyclists and circle the pool?

    There is certainly the space for it, even if it would be virtually (or literally) floating on the E River – build it!