Public Meeting On BBP Field House: Monday June 25

There will be a public meeting at which you may state your views or concerns about the proposed multi-use recreation facility to be sited on the uplands near Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park (location shown in photo), supported by a $40 million gift from philanthropist Joshua Rechnitz.

This proposal has aroused some controversy, especially concerning possible increases in vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m. on Monday, June 25 at the Callahan Center, St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street (between Clinton and Court streets).

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  • A math major

    Having attended one of these meetings I can say they really are open to feedback and making changes — so please, attend the meeting and go with ideas and an open mind.

  • Gerry

    We do not need a field house we need an indoor pool a BIG pool an aquatics center here forget the field house and build an aquatics center.

  • A Neighbor

    Yes, math major. For those who have problems with any aspect of this proposal, the public meeting — and not the BHB — is the place to vent.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    I don’t know this meeting is the place to “vent” as much as it is a place to give input. As Math Major said, the people involved are open to input.

    That said, input only goes so far. For example, no amount of venting, asking or inputting is likely to get the donor of the $50 MILLION dollars ($40MM to build it — $10MM to ensure it’s long-term upkeep) is going to get the building’s primary purpose changed from a Velodrome to an indoor pool.

    And before someone suggests it, it’s very unlikely the two can co-exist in the same building. The building can only be so tall as the viewplane from the Promenade needs to be protected. And it can only go so deep as the water table from the river is not too far down. And they can’t be on the same floor as it would result in a huge building that would eat up too much acreage. :-/

  • yoohoo

    I attended the first of three (a fourth may be held in Dumbo) public meetings on the BBP Fieldhouse at LICH yesterday and was surprised at the extremely light turnout. Those who plan to attend the June 25 meeting at St. Francis College, or the June 20 meeting at the South Brooklyn Community High School,173 Conover Street in Red Hook (both begin at 6:30 p.m.), will receive a handout that includes diagrams of infield configurations for NBA/NCAA-sanctioned and high school basketball courts, tennis, regulation gymnastics and volleyball use. There is no design, or even concept, available as yet (at least not for public review). Adding children’s play areas for various age groups was one suggestion from a community member. If you know anyone who uses the Kissena Park velodrome (in poor condition) or the one in Lehigh Valley, urge the person to attend one or both of the upcoming meetings to enlighten the public on track racing, the popularity of which seems on the upswing.

  • Anon

    Jeez guys – why waste your time? They have never, ever listened to one word the community had to offer – ignored every single aspect of the park plan and funding stream the community asked for and offered over decades. You are nuts to go to these meetings – or just hoping to get some nuts. In which case, happy shelling.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Anon I can see why you are anonymous to suggest that the communities weren’t listened to. What a crock. They looked very closely at the “alternative” revenue streams and they were rejected. You can disagree with their decisions but it is deeply unfair and untrue to suggest this wasn’t done with constant community input. The revenue streams you talk about just didn’t cut it. Either they don’t produce enough revenue for the park’s upkeep or so odious (charging fees for activity in the park, concessions every two feet to squeeze a few dollars from park goers, etc.).

    Again for those that want to know more there is a great history of the park available here.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Gerry, if you want your waterword aquatic center just donate $40M like the Velledrome guy did and I am sure you can swim till you’re blue in the face.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Since all of the BBP board members are Bloomberg appointees, if they object, they are replaced.

    Where is the community representation? It’s just a big circle jerk, with all the community getting jerked around by the formal process.

    You have to blame (or thank) Bloomberg and the idiots who support his views of extreme wealth and entitlement over the needs and desires of the citizens that he is supposed to represent.

  • BH’er

    Again, a wine & cheese vendor that also sells books on tact and decency would do well in these parts…

    clean it up around here!