Erin Moves to Brooklyn Heights

In our never-ending attempt to win over the nabe one person at a time, we'd like to welcome New York Adventures blogger "Erin" to the Heights.

building-1.jpgNew York Adventures: It's Brooklyn Heights Baby!:  The security deposit, first month's rent and broker fees have been paid and…the lease to my new apartment has been signed!!! Did you hear the giant sigh of relief coming from NYC around 2pm yesterday?

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  • Erin

    Thanks for the shout-out. I am super excited to be moving to the Heights. It was the only part of NYC that I look in because it is just that cool:-)

  • Hauptstadtblog

    Berlin is still crying. Because Erin moved from Berlin to NYC!

    You all have to take care after Erin!

  • Mary

    Where exactly did you find a place, and how expensive is the rent?

  • Erin

    I was using Craigs List and a number of brokers. In a market as unpredictable as New York, I think you’ve got to explore multiple avenues simultaneously and see what pops first. Some of the brokers were terrible, but others were great, like Brian Lehner at Brown Harris Stevens. I highly recommend him! From my experience, studios range from a bit under $1000 to about $1800. 1 bedrooms run from $1400 (if you are really lucky) to $2500. 2 bedrooms start at around $2000.