The Russians Were Here!

According to BHB’s Claude Scales, the folks filming around Montague Terrace and Remsen Street last night were a Russian film crew working on Marius BalchunasNo Love in the City.

A blogger named “David” who appears to be a member of the crew is blogging about the production.  There is also some tidbits about their studio rental in Manhattan.

Here’s a casting call notice, in case you were wondering what to expect from this epic:

Russian film NO LOVE IN THE CITY seeks non union MALE extras for Monday 10/13- afternoon into the night, NYC. Pays $60. Men must be willing to be patrons at both a gay strip club, watching men, and a straight strip club, watching women. Must be able to act interested in both!

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  • Tim N.

    At least they didn’t close off EVERY @!#$@!@#$ BLOCK between Clark and Orange and Henry and CH, like @#$#$@# GOSSIP GIRL did! It’s 8:30 on Sunday night and there’s a fleet of tow trucks outside right now to clear the way for yuppie entertainment.

    Water balloons, anyone?

    (Here endeth the rant, I feel better now. Thanks for indulging me.)

  • BKBS

    What happens if you’re like many a New Yorker, who parks her car and ignores it until the next time it has to be moved, and in the interim, one of these filming no-parking signs go up, on just a few days’ notice, and her car gets towed?

    Would she be responsible for the towing costs?

  • AliG

    Tim N., waterballoons and raw eggs, I’m all over it! P.S. this stuff is amazingly gross, those prep school gals won’t know what to do with themselves

  • Anonymous

    BKBS: Dont think there is no towing fee. They are towing the car somewhere to a legal or illegal spot in the neighborhood. I think there is a number on the flyer where to call. If they park your car in an illegal spot, they slap a notice to the traffic cops on your windshield not to ticket your car for the next 48 hours. At least thats what I have seen so far.