Primary Election Tuesday, June 26

If you’re a registered Democrat (we understand there are a few around here; Brooklyn Heights has not yet had an Alferd Packer; note: though the linked piece spells his name “Alfred” it really was “Alferd”); there’s an important primary election to determine who may represent you in Congress coming up on June 26. The Brooklyn Heights Association gives us these details:

THIS MATTERS. Turn-out will be low because nobody thinks about voting in June! In the U.S.Congressional District which includes Brooklyn Heights, new boundaries and shifting populations have created a contest. Hoping to unseat our incumbent Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez are three challengers: Erik Martin Dilan, George Martinez and Dan O’Connor.

If you will be out of town on June 26, you need to vote now by absentee ballot. Here’s how: 1) Download a pdf version of the absentee ballot application at and mail it to the Kings County Board of Elections, 345 Adams Street, 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, no later than June 18.

2) You can easily go to the Board of Elections Office on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. by walking across Borough Hall Park to 345 Adams Street (directly in line with Remsen Street). Go to the 4th floor and fill out the application. They will give you a ballot and you can vote on the spot.

Some polling sites have changed. Click here to find the current polling site for your address You can also telephone the Voter Phone Bank at 1-866.868.3692 with questions.

Call the BHA office at 718-858-9193 if you need help. Thank you!

And thank you, Judy Stanton and the BHA.

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  • Quinn Raymond

    Erik Martin Dilan is Vito Lopez’s candidate.

    I can’t imagine Rep. Velazquez having any trouble defeating him, but you should make sure you turn out just to make it clear.

  • John Damingo

    Nydia Velazquez has been in congress for so many years and has done NOTHING for her constituents; our neighborehood and our community. We can NOT afford sending her back for another few years.

    In my opinion, Eric M. Dillan is the perfect candidate to represent Brooklyn and our needs in US Congress, and therefore he will easily kick out No-dia on upcoming primary day, June 26.

    Go Erik Go! We’re all behind your candidature, and we, Brooklynites, will make sure you WIN!

  • Dave Camper

    Nydia Velazquez is the Big Banks Candidate.

    I can’t imagine Eric Dillan having any trouble defeating her, but you should make sure you turn out just to make it clear.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Those supporting Eric Dillan — please explain the recent mailer from Velazquez. Is there anything to allegation that he wangled his way into low income housing? And what about the other guy? O’Connor? I’d really like to vote for someone other than Velazquez….but need some honest information.

  • BH’er

    Can anyone post information on what any of the candidates have done for our neighborhood and/or boro?

    I’m undecided….

  • Sam

    Here you can get a glimpse of what Erik Dillan has done for our community in the past, and his plans for the future as our representetive in the US Congress:

  • Mike R

    When have you ever seen Nydia Velasquez interviewed about any subject of importance? She’s practically invisible. I think the Heights deserves better, but with three opponents splitting the “anti-Nydia” vote and virtually no publicity, does anyone else have a chance?

  • Greg

    As a long-time constituent, I can assure you that our Congresswoman, Nydia Velazquez, has done PLENTY for her district over the last 20 years.

    To name just a few of her many accomplishments: she is largely responsible for the creation of a family health center at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center; she successfully advocated for the federal cleanup on the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek; and she played an early and important role in the development of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    She has also been a tireless advocate on issues that matter to us: fair and responsible immigration reform, support for small businesses, affordable housing, assistance for homeowners at risk of foreclosure and women’s rights.

    Furthermore, Nydia is extremely well positioned in Washington to achieve results for the district. She has a close relationship with President Obama, who has endorsed her; she is an important and respected member of the New York Congressional Delegation (Senators Schumer and Gillibrand have both endorsed her); and she plays a significant role in the House Democratic Leadership (she is the ranking member of the Small Business Subcommittee and former Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus).

    So with this record, why is anyone running against her? The reason is simple: she works for her constituents, not Brooklyn’s Party Bosses. That is why the County Organization has geared up to take her down. We would be foolish to allow their private agenda to trump our public interest.

    If you don’t believe me, check out Nydia’s endorsements in the New York Times:

    “Representative Nydia Velázquez has served her district well for 20 years, including by earning crucial Superfund designations for the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek. After refusing to follow orders from Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party leader, she has her first strong challenger: City Councilman Erik Martin Dilan. Mr. Dilan’s close ties to the Brooklyn machine are enough to disqualify him. We endorse Nydia Velázquez for re-election.”

    And here’s a link to the endorsement in the Daily News:

  • Dani

    Get Here the real facts about the failed No-dia:

    Remember: the only way we can assure that this failed representation is not continueing is by coming out to vote this coming Tuesday – June 26!

  • Former Supporter

    I supported Nydia for many years! She lied in the debate about her vote on deregulation of banks and that she is progressive. Appointed
    to the city council not elected? She is all BULL.

    Now Im throwing my support to Erik Dilan. I watched him on NY1 – he sounds awesome. Nice guy!

    A former supporter of Nydia


    Watch the debate here:–debate-with-democratic-candidates-in-new-york-s-seventh-congressional-district