Scotland On Sunday’s In-Depth Interview with Heights Resident Paul Giamatti

Scotland On Sunday featured an in-depth, nearly 2,000-word interview today, with our fave local celeb and nabe Paul Giamatti.

The story opens, “He has made a career out of playing life’s unlikeable oddballs—the needy losers and the creeps—but Paul Giamatti is fine with that. (His) identity is unusual for a Hollywood star: He’s an abrasive ass. Not in real life, you understand, but he has made his name playing them in films.

That’s fine by Giamatti. “I’ve played a lot of cynical characters,” he says. “Maybe that’s a good thing because I don’t get bothered much at airports.” The real Paul Giamatti lives in Brooklyn Heights with his wife, writer/producer Elizabeth Cohen, and their 11-year-old son Samuel.

Read the full narrative here.

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  • johnston

    Pig Vomit.

  • BH’er

    I’ve made a career doing the same thing, but it hasn’t paid nearly as well.. oh, well…

  • David on Middagh

    The right thing to do would be to cut the elevator-cornered person out of the picture. All we really need to see is Chuck and what he means by “resembling a hippopotamus…”

    (Frankly, I don’t see it, but maybe his back is being groomed off-camera by yellow-billed oxpeckers.)

  • Chuck Taylor

    Sorry, guys. I had originally posted a personal anecdote in the post about a one-on-one with Giamatti in the neighborhood, but hastily had my limbs bitten off by our ill-humored commenters.

    I should have known better than to try and have a little fun here. It is unfortunate that the tenor often seems to be how aggressive and malevolent folks can be to one another.

    frankly, i would love nothing more than for posters to have to reveal their real names on BHB. i bet people would think twice about using each other as a whipping post.

    best regards,

  • Andrew Porter

    But what idiot would reveal their real names here?

    Oh, wait…