Free Performances of Comedy of Errors on Pier 1 This Weekend

The final two performances of Theater 2020’s innovative, family friendly production of Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors will take place this coming Saturday and Sunday, June 9th and 10th, both starting at 7:00 p.m., at Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Admission is free.

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  • lori

    Has anyone seen this show? Several people I know who saw the show said it was not very good. They’re giving all sorts of freebies to different groups.

  • Claude Scales

    My wife and I, and several neighbors, all enjoyed it very much and thought the acting was superb. Theater 2020 is new to the neighborhood and eager to get local groups to see their shows.

  • David Fuller

    @lori, our audiences loved the indoors production and we by the way, we did not give “all sorts of freebies to different groups.” I do not know where you received your information, but it is erroneous. May I suggest that posting second hand information does no one any real good except fuel rumor mills?

  • princess

    Wow. “Lori” where are you getting your information? The actor’s in our production are all professional and had to go through arduous union auditions to get cast. They are fabulous and the audience feedback has been really positive. Go to our Facebook page to see little Joshua’s comments. And kids are brutally honest. We try to offer “discount” tickets to some senior and student groups, but that is part of our outreach mission to the community. We think that all people should be able to enjoy the arts. And you do know who wrote the play…right? He is kind of known for his talents. Art is subjective, of course. I suggest you attend a show at Theater 2020 and judge for yourself.

  • SPM

    I was a bit trepidatious (did I spell that right?) before going – Puppets? Shakespeare? But it was so delightfully charming and funny – I loved it! The performance went by so quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Shakespeare play without at least once glancing at the time, but in this case I had a wide smile pasted on my face for the entire show. Go! And bring your friends (it’s okay for kids too.) Enjoy!

  • EK

    Why be negative about something great that’s happening in our neighborhood and gossip about theatre you “heard” about?!
    That’s silly!
    Speaking of silly, The Comedy of Errors made me laugh my ass off!! Thanks, Theater 2020!
    Come and laugh and be in a better mood than you were before!
    It’s hilarious!

  • Wendy Urban-Mead

    I saw “Comedy of Errors” presented by Theater 2020 earlier this spring and found it to be a delightful, professional, and utterly winning production. I came with my college-age daughter, my grown-up niece and my sister. We had a terrific evening. We laughed so hard! I was quite impressed by the rapid-fire delivery that was also completely comprehensible. The costumes were engagingly clever. I particularly enjoyed the Dromios, both played by a pair of very talented new actresses.

  • maestro

    I don’t really care much about Shakespeare or “kids” theater, so thought this might be too precious for my taste. But I saw this team’s work when they ran companies in Manhattan, and their shows are consistently solid to really outstanding. They used Shakespeare’s actual text for this, not a kiddie version, and the kids still stayed interested. Even the small ones paid attention, which I found impressive. I liked the “Romeo and Juliet” that they did last summer, but found “The Comedy of Errors” even more to my personal taste. One thing that really stands out is how much is accomplished with what has to be a shoestring budget. They always find top quality actors, who, judging from their bios in the program, have some impressive training. Even the ones with less experience are very solid in their performances. The lighting and costume design for this one is also exceptional. I hope they stick around and do some other playwrights and some musicals in the future.

  • Leslie Hogya

    Comedy of Errors is totally delightful! I enjoyed every moment. The cast is talented, and the show is smooth and professional in every respect. Go see it!

  • Evan

    I saw Comedy of Errors on opening night and thought it was great! I had no idea what I was in for and was completely entertained the entire time. The actors really know how to deliver Shakespeare’s jokes! I laughed out loud the whole time. Plus there’s puppets! Hats off to this new theater group. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

  • Heights01

    Lori, what are you talking about?
    “They’re giving all sorts of freebies to different groups.”

    I gladly saw and paid for the show. The cast did an amazing job and I thought the puppet integration was a fresh approach. The audience was completely invested in the show I attended, and you can’t beat that this will be a free performance in the park.

  • Jessica Steytler

    I went to see this show the opening weekend and found it delightful. The puppet work was charming, cast professional, and the choices for editing down the total run time did the whole production big favors considering the small cast.

  • Abigail Dennis

    I just want to say that I thought the performance was wonderful and highly interactive with the puppets.
    The story could not have been better depicted and I believe Shakespeare would have been proud and honored!!

  • Brooklyn Girl

    A friend saw the show and I thought it was very well done. The puppets were amazing

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow, lots of people with handles I’ve never seen before on the BHB posting what a great show this is. Highly suspicious.

    Meanwhile, their flyers are everywhere on BH lampposts, despite the actual show they refer to being over last weekend. I have been tearing them down with gusto, because apparently they can’t be bothered.

  • maestro

    Thank for doing that Andrew! We didn’t have any interns earlier this week, so you helped us out. xoxo I think people are writing in…. cause they…LIKED the show! There’s a thought. :)

  • princess

    Gentlemen! Thank you both for helping us out. We do usually have more help with interns, but with funding cuts this year it has been even harder accomplish all that we would like.

    Andrew, I want to invite you to actually see a show. Then you can judge for yourself the quality of the work and how hard everyone in working. We have a lot of fans and I think some wrote in for the first time because they were shocked that someone would make a statement without having even having seen our work. We appreciate all of them. Come join us.

  • EGNY

    Wow, I’m feeling highly suspicious – after all, Andrew has never seen any posts from me before and that’s cause for suspicion by any standard. Nonetheless, took my shady self along with my wife and suspiciously cute children (were they really mine…maybe I just borrowed them for effect) to see Comedy of Errors. I all seriousness, we had a great time. I was especially struck by the fact that they did not alter the language to make it “kid friendly,” and yet it held my kids’ attention all the way through. Of course, they couldn’t understand all the Shakespearian English (especially the little one), but they got the gist of what was happening from start to finish. They understood it well enough to see the humor in the story, which helped to keep them interested. Definitely worth the price of admission!

  • David Fuller

    I just wanted to thank all BH Blog readers who attended our performances and who helped spread the word about our young company. We are deeply gratified by all the positive responses we have received and look forward to many years of presenting quality professional theater in the Heights and environs! Check out some photos at: