AMNY Covers Brooklyn Heights

Homer Fink and BHB were part of last year’s AM New York roundup of Brooklyn Heights.  This year, the Brooklyn Heights Cinema’s Amy Mascena is profiled:

AMNY: Brooklyn Heights: What do you like about Brooklyn Heights?
It’s a lovely neighborhood. The homes are beautiful and the people are interesting and friendly. They really support the theater, which is one of the last of its kind–the only two-screen theater in Brooklyn. If a film goes down or a bulb blows, they just ask, “Amy, how long is it going to take?”

What are your favorite neighborhood spots?
When tourists come over the bridge, I tell them about the views from the promenade. I recommend going to Noodle Pudding –it’s homestyle Tuscan food, like going to mom’s kitchen. The food is good, but it’s more the comfy atmosphere. Henry’s End has also been here a long time. I tell people they can grab a slice at Fascati’s and bring it in if they don’t drop it on the floor.

How do you see the neighborhood changing?
Between the opening of Galapagos Art Space and St. Ann’s Warehouse, there’s a lot going on in DUMBO. I’d like to see DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights connecting more — it would be nice to get more foot traffic in this area.

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  • AEB

    The theater’s a gem. It took me awhile to figure out the “aesthetic” reflected by the choice of films–some seem indy, others cultish, others mainstreamier.

    Then I figured out the choice was delightfully idiosyncratic–a great mix. Long may the theatre unspool its wares!

    PS, this kind of personal cultural infusion is EXACTLY what BH needs.