AM New York on the Nabe

AM New York has a spread on Brooklyn Heights in today's edition. There's also a Q&A with some guy who says he runs this blog.

AM New York: Brooklyn Heights: Brooklyn Heights is a sought-after neighborhood for prospering artists and young professionals, often with young families. It's particularly attractive thanks to the quiet, safe streets and the beautifully maintained brownstones and old mansions that have been split into residential apartments. The neighborhood has also been a long-standing favorite with the literary set, but younger authors these days are unlikely to afford a move here. 

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  • spm

    That was the lamest excuse for an article on Brooklyn Heights I’ve read. It was perfunctory and no mention of some of our more interesting places to shop (Overtures, Rowf, Housing Works, Haystack), the restaurants mentioned were “the usual” without mention of newer (and good) additions Jack the Horse and Le Petite Marche. They included Tripoli which is technically NOT Brooklyn Heights but Cobble Hill. No mention of Tazza, Montague Wine & Spirits, Cranberrys or Blue Pig. Just the same old, same old. And no offense to the BlogMaster, but he’s only been here since 2005 – couldn’t they find a resident who’s lived here longer than two years? Also, in “Things to Do” – no real description on the floating pool and no mention of the largest dog park in the city: Hillside Dog Run.

  • Homer Fink

    “Spm” – I don’t know if any pooches were available for interview. I didn’t write the story. We’ve covered JtH and LPM, both are very good restaurants. Don’t know why they weren’t in the piece as I mentioned both of them.

    As for how long I’ve been here (I mean that guy who says he runs this thing) — I started this site as a way for me to learn about the neighborhood, its history and meet our neighbors. So far, so good. Next time I’ll make sure NabeGuy is on the phone with me. That’ll give me the street cred I need, no?

    And we encourage anyone who lives here to contribute to this blog with stories, video, photos (old and new).

  • eric

    i just read your little q&a in am new york. frankly, i hope you and your ilk stay in snooty brooklyn heights where you can take up the entire sidewalk with your little bugaboo strollers, yap on cell phones incessantly, and pretend that you don’t really live in new york city. please don’t ever move back to woodside. thank you.

  • Vishnu Jones

    Eric is your last name Shun? I think I might know you.

  • Qfwfq

    “eric”, I think you have this neighborhood confused with Park Slope. We hire other people to push our bugaboo strollers around, and only the “Busy Chef” yaps on the cell phone incessantly — the rest of us are too busy attending fundraising soirees and sipping champagne from glass slippers.

    Besides, did it ever occur to you that maybe he likes Brooklyn Heights because it reminded him of his childhood home?

  • BHrez

    Nice link there qfwfq. Who the heck cares what anybody thinks. Obviously they only asked one person. That being the host of this blog. Spm, neighborhood pride is one thing but we aren’t running an ad campaign. It is a nice neighborhood yes. And those that live here know it, like myself. Those that visit know it, like my friends. And those that have never been here will come here with or without that article and discover all these places eventually. Don’t stress about it. Its ok to not plug the whole world.

  • Ready To Order? Guide

    I’m writing this blog a bit disappointed about Homer’s recent interview. I though that no matter what if you are part of a community you have to try to protect that community and try to attract people into it. One way to do it would be trying to help the businesses of your community INSTEAD OF SAYING THAT THE WORST THING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ARE THE RESTAURANTS. Not a great move.
    With our guide what we are trying to do is try to support this businesses especially having a so big opportunity like you had with AM New York. Considering your recent mention to the fact that you would love to try politic in this neighborhood, this is not the right way to have some vote.
    Your name is Italian and in Italy we say: “I panni sporchi si lavano in casa” that translated would be” The dirty cloth have to be washed home”. You go public in a newspaper talking about your neighborhood you just had to trough in the garbage the great opportunity to make the businesses of this neighborhood looking great to the rest of the world. We still love you for your everyday reports but that was a mistake.

    Your friend
    Gianluca Martorelli

  • Ready To Order? Guide

    By the way… We have great restaurants in our neighborhood!

  • Billy Reno

    If only Homer ate at Hibino before the interview! Ce la vie.

  • Billy Reno

    Oops. Retraction, that’s in Cobble Hill.

  • LD

    Your name isn’t really Homer Fink? That makes me sad.

  • Bklyn Native

    SPM: To nitpick–Hillside is the 2nd largest dog park in the City. The dog park in Ft. Tryon Park in Manhattan is the largest.

    But Hillside Rocks the Best, and is the largest in the County of Kings.