Official Subway S**ks Rant Thread

While we wait out the delays on the BHB couch, we'd like to hear your horror stories from this morning's subway superduper clusterf*ck. With apologies to Mr. Ellington, the "A" train was not the quickest way to Harlem or anywhere else today.

(Oh and last we checked the Mansion House elm tree did not topple over during the storm) 

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  • epc

    Spent two hours driving from DUMBO to Woodside to get car serviced.

  • JL

    Spent 2:45 from Hicksville (LI) to Jersey City, NJ. Hope evening commute is better, keeping fingers crossed. Live in BH, but living in LI this week due to renovations.

    Looks like still no 2,3 in the nabe yet.

  • Marla Kesten

    Walked over the bridge, never saw so many people that early in the morning

  • Sarah

    Was listening to NPR in the shower (shamelessly I may add) and heard that the 2,3 lines were not running from Brooklyn. Ok, no problem I take the A, C anyway. Grab a coffee and head down the escalator with my new shiny (put in my wallet right away) Metro Card. Mid way on the super steep escalator about to sip my delicious coffee, I slip. Grabbing onto the sides for dear life I narrowly escape falling but watch as my morning’s coffee plummets. I grab onto the railings so fast and hard that I bruise the undersides of my arms and they’re starting to swell, am sure they’ll be purple by the time I get to the office. People passing me on the way up say nothing except “oooh” and “wow” yeah. Thanks. So I go downstairs to see 6 people deep waiting for the train. I sit in the Bikram-yoga-esque heat for about 35 minutes get on the C train and exhale.

    A little too soon.

    The driver must have been asleep because somewhere under the East River he stopped short announcing that there was a car in front of us.

    Coffee is sliding by my feet and people are hemming and hawing. We arrive at West 4th to be told that the C is now an express train, which means I have to transfer. At 14th, I wait another 25-30 minutes for the local and get off at 23rd. I get upstairs and the streets are empty so I run to grab coffee #2.

    I waited for the bus for a good 35 minutes, squeezed myself on and got to work. The building is deserted, and the office is empty. I’ve only now learned that the subway was crippled by the rain as well as Metro North. Really?! CRIPPLED? How is that possible? 2” of rain shut the city down? Dude, forget CNN, we need to be watching the weather channel.

    That rain can shut down NYC is beyond ridiculous.

  • GHB

    The system is 100+ years old and when we get a storm dumping 2″ of rain in one hour just before the morning rush, we’re bound to be inconvenienced. Stop bitching…the walk’s good for you!

  • fishermb

    i overslept my alarm today, got to the Borough Hall station on Clark at approx 8:45. A 4 train showed up miraculously, but was only running as far as City Hall. I had heard nothing else was running, and I work in midtown, so I figured this will get me further than waiting in Brooklyn. Got off at City Hall, went to a bus stop that was running to midtown, only to see approx. 200 people waiting, NOT in a line, so if and when a bus ever did come (some said they were waiting 45 mins for a bus), it would be pure mayhem to try and get on. I asked around and found 3 people to split a taxi to 40th and 6th, wound up costing $4 per person, got to work all of 45 minutes late.

  • Marie

    Buy a bike. I’d decided it was too hot to cycle to the Lower East Side and got all sweaty for nothing at the Bergebn Street stop. Gave up, went home, changed, did it all again on Le Peugeot. Felt rather smug.

  • joe

    I work from home but I had to cancel all my morning conference calls since my nanny arrived 2 hr 45 min late. She had to walk from 14th st to BH but was waiting for trains and buses before she decided nothing was going to move and decided to walk all the way here. I felt so bad for her so I told her to relax with a cold drink and AC blasting for an hour or so.

    Awful, crappy day for her and a no work done day for me. I really felt bad for her.

  • CF

    Did anyone else notice that all the news stations said that the A/C was only shut down till Jay St. when REALLY it wasn’t running from High St. either?? I found it unbelievable that I couldn’t get a train to Manhattan when so many lines are in BH. I don’t care how old the subway is — this was unacceptable. What if there was a hurricane or something? Also, it was ridiculous that hardly any MTA people were available to answer questions. If they were, they had incorrect information!

  • pbdotc

    i worked from home and laffed at all you suckas.

    quite a storm man … did you see the lighting at 6am?

  • sh

    I took the water taxi for the first time yesterday. LOVED it! Only 30 minutes from DUMBO to E 34th Street (20 minutes going home!) in a plush seat, perfectly air conditioned cabin, enjoying my coffee and the amazing view. Sure, it costs more than twice as much as the subway, but I’ll gladly switch to sack lunches in favor of such a lovely commute.

  • frelkins

    Any opportunity to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, which is one of the world’s most beautiful structures, should be cherished. If only I had the time to do it every day.