Subway Service Alerts: Holiday Weekend and the Following Week

It’ll be mostly smooth sailing on the subways this weekend, with the one big exception we mentioned yesterday: there will be one more weekend of no service in either direction on the 4/5 line at Borough Hall. We’re thankful to note that this only goes from 12:01 a.m. Saturday to 5:00 a.m. Monday, so there will be service on the officially recognized Memorial Day holiday. The disruption will be repeated Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings next week from 12:01 to 5:00, so if you’re returning from late night revelry in Manhattan, you’ll need to find an alternate route or a cab that will actually bring you to Brooklyn. As before, for the convenience of those traveling into or out of Deeper Brooklyn, the 3 train will have its route extended to New Lots Avenue during times when the 4 isn’t running.

If you’re traveling into Manhattan on the A/C line, you should know that the Manhattan bound (northbound) C will not be making any of its usual local stops (Spring, 23rd, 50th, 72nd, 81st/American Museum of Natural History, 86th, 96th, 103rd, Cathedral Parkway/110th, 116th, or 135th) between Canal and 145th streets. For Spring, change to the E at Canal; for 23rd or 50th change to the E at 14th; and for stops above 59th Street/Columbus Circle, change to the D there (for 135th, you can change at 125th). This diversion, unfortunately, does extend through Monday.

Photo by your correspondent, taken from the Promenade during the OpSail Parade of Ships yesterday.

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