Open Thread: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open Thread Wednesday has arrived again! What’s on your mind, BHB compatriots? Comment away.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • since47

    GBH, I saw the “Goggle Twins” last week on Willow Place, and both appeared to be fine.

  • Contrarian

    Drew are you a member of the BHA? I am and lots of the most active members are working parents with young kids. I’m not sure what meetings “dominated by retirees” you’re talking about. I don’t see the point of your post. The BHA isn’t monolithic and I don’t mind criticizing the org if I disagree but no need to complain based on misinformation.

  • Tony

    I went to Le Pain Quotidian for the first time today, and I won’t be going back. Two soft-boiled eggs (but they were organic!), a few tiny slivers of bread, and a large coffee: $12.35. Throw in a tip and I’ve shelled out nearly $15 for a meal that barely made a dent in my appetite. Couple all that with brats galore running about, and you have a most unpleasant breakfast.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @debfrombklyn, thank you for the heads-up, will try to make it.
    @runnic, the tailor in the St George Hotel, Henry St entrance is
    the guy for fine work. will cost you, but worthwhile.

  • She’s Crafty

    @ Michael Towers, welcome to my world. We live on that street and ConEd is constantly there working, sometimes in the middle of the night with noise and really, really bright lights. I’ve been told there’s a transformer under the sidewalk, which is somewhat worrisome since it appears I actually live right on top of it (and don’t those things spontaneously explode or make you grow an extra arm?) so I would guess that’s why they are always there.

  • EHinBH

    Tony — It’s probably about a $5 premium to Happy Days Diner. And for that you get better food.

  • bklyngal

    Anyone noticed there are lot more butterflies around, especially on Joralemon Street. Never seen so many butterflies in the neighborhood.

  • Monty

    Regarding nannies at the library, I’ve noticed the exact same situation in the kids section of Barnes and Noble.

    Regardless of Tony’s opinion, it would seem that LPQ is smash hit. It’s constantly busy even on weekday mornings. The baked goods are excellent and it’s a big inviting space. I agree that it’s a bit pricey though.

  • MOT

    I’m a stay at home mother & go to the BH library biweekly with my kids. It is a fantastic resource and most nannies that go there are great. But there are a few that are truly awful and treat their charges very badly: kids being strapped into their stroller and ignored for long stretches of time while the nannies chat & laugh with their friends, kids being shoved around and threatened by caregivers, it’s really very disturbing.

  • Willowtowncop

    The new Iris Cafe store is now open and is a hundred thousand times better than the Envy Salon it replaced (and, if I remember correctly, the horrible restaurant that was there about ten years ago). It fills a void that the original River Deli left. I was happy to see basics like TP and normal dried pasta etc. that people actually need. Might I suggest cat and dog food if any Iris people are reading this?

  • A math major


    1. I’m a member of the BHA and I’m only 42 — hardly a retiree.

    2. How do you know the ages of their membership? I don’t think it’s public — I don’t think they even know.

    3. The president of the BHA — Tom Van Den Bout — is in his mid-40s I’d say… Hardly a retiree.

    4. Who says they’re obstructing the bike share program? All they did was send an email detailing the proposed locations and encourage people to attend the public meetings.

    Personally, I love the BHA.

  • SPM

    Sun is shining, butterflies are out, the Library is free and we lucky few live in the best nbeighborhood in NYC. I just had to do a glass half full after some of the vitriolic above. And I, too, am a non-retiree member of the BHA – 40s, no kids, but a small spaniel…Speaking of BHA, anyone go on the House Tour? What did they think? The paneled library nook on Willow Street with the window out to the garden was my favorite space.

  • soulman

    The butterflies are Red Admirals, although I don’t believe there’s any connection with the cold war.
    Here’s a link:
    Parenthetically: I believe they live on rats, dog poop and the occasional bad nanny, so feel free to leave them a snack when you see them.

  • bklyn20

    Re: Montague Street at c.8:25 am today (Wednesday):

    The yelling woman was not in the street. A white wire/cord that had been attached to the tree in front of 101 Montague Street (the Lantern Restaurant) came loose in the wind from the East River or for some similar reason. A passing truck further loosened the cord — which had a hockey-puck-sized receptor of some sort on the end. The cord and receptor swung across the street toward Key Food. She was hit hard on the head by the receptor/puck.

    It was either someone’s poorly rigged-up WiFi or leftover wiring from the Montague Street BID’s holiday tree lights. Whatever it was, part of the wiring is STILL in the other tree and streetlight in front of Key Food. The woman was on the sidewalk, simply walking the dog and going home with her bagel and coffee when she was hit on the head. She has gotten medical attention and is very lucky to have just a bump on the head.

    A few feet to the left or right and she could have been blinded. A few feet lower and a child could have been killed. Do any readers know whose white cord was up there?

  • Melissa

    Tony, I stand with you on this. While the atmosphere is lovely, LPQ prices are unreasonable. Hopefully they share their success with their employees.

  • hungryheightsman

    I came on here to ask about Catania on Atlantic too but Tclinton beat me to it. I couldn’t agree more with TClinton. That place is great and it would be a real shame if they didn’t make it. Does anyone have a clue? I know Euro’s take long vacations but this ridiculous!

    Also does anyone have any intel on when Saul Bolton’s new Italian place Red Gravy is supposed to open in the old Mezcal’s on Atlantic?

  • BH’er

    can anyone recommend a good adult dentist and orthodontist in the nabe?

  • David on Middagh

    Who’s getting a F**** D***** delivery at this time of night, he asked indignantly?

  • weegee

    Wild guesses re: F**** D*****

    1. Someone who works late and wouldn’t be able to receive the delivery until the 10-11:30 time slot.

    2. Someone who placed their order to find out that earlier time slots were sold out, thus grudgingly selecting the 10-11:30 time slot.

    3. Someone who is purposefully doing nothing all day in order to wait for the 10-11:30 time slot at which point they can maliciously create maximum annoyance to others.

  • GHB

    BH’er, I wouldn’t trust a child dentist/orthodontist.

  • bornhere

    BH’er – Recommending doctors/dentists can be tricky, but Stanley Moshman on Remsen (off Henry) is, for my family and me, the right dentist. He is not loads of laughs, but he is gentle, smart, thorough, spends time explaining/offering options, and has a good staff.

  • RF

    I’ll second bornhere’s rec of Dr. Moshman. His father took care of my teeth when I was little, and it’s a nice practice. I send my teenagers there whenever they are in town.

  • San

    Catania’s phone has been disconnected. Not a good sign.

  • DrewB

    Fair enough. I’ll admit it has been a few years since I’ve been a member of the BHA. When I was it seemed to me that they were completely invested in stopping any change in the neighborhood and solely interested in the welfare of the of small portion of the neighborhood, concentrated in the fruit streets. After a few years I quit becasue it was clear that my opinions about the future of the the Heights we drastically different form theirs. My opinion of the make up of their constituency comes from attendance at annual meetings.

  • DrewB

    I’ve been going to Dr. Eric Last DDS on Schemerhorn for 10 years. Has done everything for me from cleaning to implants. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Tony

    @EHinBH: I have more choices than the slop of Happy Days Diner and Le Pain Quotidien. What really irked me was that I didn’t even get decent bread. I got these tiny strips. For $8 I can get eggs, bacon and a salad at Armando’s.

  • Tclinton11201

    sigh re: Catania…

    sharing the pain with hungryheightsman

  • Happy Neighbor

    Does anyone know when the Custom House on Montague Street is supposed to open and if there really is going to be a swmming pool in Bklyn Bridge Park?

  • Wallard

    @hungryheightsman Edible had reported in March that Red Gravy was going to open “any minute” but then BrooklynBased had a post indicating this fall:

  • Monty

    Daily News on the library stabbing. A homeless man with 10 prior arrests flew into a rage because he claims a man was looking at porn on a library computer.