Parole Office Mess Open Thread

Clearly, the escape of a 32 year old parolee about to be busted again on assault charges from the parole office at 147 Pierrepont Street (1 Pierrepont Plaza) has confirmed many residents’ worst fears.

The Head of St. Ann’s School, Dr. Larry Weiss, told channel 9,  “Two weeks into the school year to have an experience like this is exactly what we we’re told was not going to happen.”  He added that the the school was promised that a menagerie of sex offenders would not be visiting the parole office.  However, channel 9 reports that 53 have passed through its doors since the office opened.

What should happen next? What would be your constructive solution for this issue?

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  • skunky

    @anon who said “don’t act all high and mighty”
    um, Sam and I are the ones telling you that… don’t act like you have some sort of entitlement because you live on the “good” side of the tracks.

    And classier? Pleease. I wouldn’t live on that side of the tracks if the cost was the same (and it is in the building I live in). It’s dickheads like you for neighbors that I have zero tolerance for. Plus your restaurants suck and your kids are all clearly going to have issues with the overprotective parents later in life. But you’ve probably got them pre-emptively medicated.

  • DB

    Hickster — 1.) you’re not paying park avenue rates. 2.) The EDNY is not designed for the purpose of insuring your property against loss.

    The only equitable solution is for St. Ann’s, or the parents, to buy out the parole office’s lease. Otherwise, it’s pure rent-seeking behavior creating even greater negative externalities. (

  • Citizen

    Rumor is the office had a chance to go to MetroTech, and turned it down in favor of Pierrepont Plaza. Someone should look into that.

  • No One Of Consequence

    You can find a map of schools/churches as well as registered sex offenders here…
    (You have to read between the lines a little, but it’s there)

  • No One Of Consequence

    oh, and I while I vote in favor of NIMBY, I think the more salient point is as lulu described, that they lied about who would visit this facility and made assurances that this sort of thing (escape, guns drawn chase) wouldn’t happen. Of course, it’s impossible to predict or control this type of behavior, but the fact that it happened so quickly after opening is bothersome.