Another Hefty Re$idential Property Hit$ The Heights Market

Brown Harris Stevens has just listed a townhouse for sale at 32 Livingston Street with the kind of lofty price tag we’re becoming accustomed to in Brooklyn Heights: $6 million. This follows the sale of the Capote House on Willow for $12 million in March, a Garden Place townhouse for $10 million in February and a Watchtower residence on Orange in January for $7.1 million.

Curbed is certainly seduced by the Livingston property’s historic beauty, which BHS describes as a “great American home available to connoisseurs, preservationists, townhouse lovers, or anyone that would like become one.”

The 25X54-foot brownstone, built in 1850 and “mindfully preserved for 162 years,” is currently configured as an upper triplex with a full “versatile” attic, a garden floor rental and a high-ceilinged cellar. The main living space features 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 wood-burning fireplaces and 4 decorative fireplaces, along “with the highest degree of craftsmanship and thought, in grand Italianate style.”

Much more detail is available with the full listing here, including the full floorplan and eight photos.

(Photos: Brown Harris Stevens)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Good to see it’s got electricity and, perhaps, indoor plumbing, so not all of it has been mindfully preserved.

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting to see a house that close to Court Street command such a price. Usually the expensive ones are further west. I guess it’s been mindfully preserved enough that it can command such a price tag.

  • dean collins

    Maybe if it was north of Montague and not near the Court street mess.

    But seriously location aside… one is dropping $6m to work in a 15’x7.5′ galley kitchen

    The best solution here is to rip out the half bath and reinstate the steps to the garden level, convert the front living room into a full size size kitchen (the current 12×6 space will become a pantry), convert the rear bedroom into a screening room (removing that ridiculous toilet only in the corner).

    ….this isnt going to get asking price in its current unworkable format…if it does then we truly are already in a bubble.

    I like the taste/style of the current parlor level but comparing this to Willow street is laughable.

  • BronxKid

    Beautiful house! If only!

  • Flashlight Worthy

    Jorala-man… It hasn’t commanded such a price. It’s only *asked* for such a price. It won’t sell for anywhere near that price.

  • AEB

    I love the way the ineptness of the selling prose torpedos the impression it strives to make. A common problem.

  • Melissa

    I have to add to this! I rented 32 Livingston Street in the early 90’s. At that point, only one fireplace was functional, several of the plaster ceiling collapsed (nearly crushing my sleeping husband), the electrical and plumbing systems in poor shape and every bathroom needed a gut renovation.
    The owner was not inclined to spend money…..I guess that is his opinion of mindful conservation- doing as little as possible to keep it propped up!
    And as was pointed out by Dean, the kitchen is a converted butlers pantry.
    It does have beautiful bones but this property need SERIOUS money spent to bring into today’s living standard.
    to the point about location- Court Street is disgusting and with Packer across the street the front is blocked every morning and every afternoon.
    The buyer would either have to be desperate, crazy or a combination of both!

  • EHinBH

    It’s right off of Clinton, not Court. In any event, it is a lot of space and will certinly sell for a lot. My guess is about $4.8-5.1 million.

  • stuart

    I have been in that house. It is extraordinary. The location is great. Everything about it is great. I would be surprised if they don’t get six million or close.