Le Pain Quotidien Open For Business This Weekend!

The doors are still closed for staff training, but French Bread loaves are stocking the shelves at Le Pain Quotidien and al fresco seating has appear on the sidewalk.  According to the Manager who was fielding questions from passersby, they will “definitely” be open tomorrow.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The restaurant opened for business Saturday! Stop by on Sunday to meet the smiling, gregarious staff!

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  • C.

    It’s open right now actually

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Soft Opening on Saturday from 4 to 6:30

  • James

    Let’s not applaud the arrival of another international chain on Montague. As local shops are priced out due to ever-higher rents, the street will soon look like every mall in the country.

  • Mark

    Oh get over yourself James. Its good food. Are you really upset it is not a Jennifer Convertibles anymore?

  • dog lover

    Tried their sandwiches today, Sunday afternoon. Nothing to write home about. Nice presentation, but for that block, nothing can beat the sandwiches across the street at the bagel place.

  • eg

    They have great bread and croisants, at last really good bread within easy walking distance.

  • Saa

    I finally got a chance to eat lunch there. I was a little disappointed. Had a curry chicken salad on stale bread. Or at least it tasted stale, which is a bummer since they make bread there.

    The chicken salad was overpowered with curry taste, yet needed salt. It was the driest chicken salad I ever tasted. The chicken salad was so over blended that it no longer looked like chicken. It was served on 4 pieces of dry, stale bread on a narrow plate. It cried out for something else on the bread to moisten the dish.

    The bill came to $19 with tip for a horrible chicken salad and coffee. I doubt I’ll return.