Most Walkable Nabes In NYC: Brooklyn Heights & Cobble Hill

No surprise to those of us in the know, but hipster pub The L Magazine notes that Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill are “the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn,” according to a study by Walk Score published on website Slate.

The webbie bases its “walk scores” on the amount and accessibility of amenities, including restaurants, movie theater and schools. New York City is the most walkable out of 50 cities surveyed, with a score of 85.3 out of 100, which The L Word notes was knocked down by “unwalkable” Staten Island.

In Brooklyn, Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights had scores of 98. Boerum Hill and Downtown Brooklyn scored 97; DUMBO, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus and Park Slope tied with 96. The least walkable Brooklyn neighborhoods are all in the south: Bergen Beach with a score of 58; Mill Basin with 62; Gerritsen Beach with 71; Canarsie with 74; and Manhattan Beach and West Brighton at 77.

For more, see our sister site Cobble Hill Blog here.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Quinn Raymond

    If you live near Clinton and Schermerhorn your walkability score is literally 100/100.

    Anyone looking to buy or rent should check the address for walkability at

    What an awesome, useful tool.

  • AEB

    Yes, great resource, QR, on many fronts. Thanks!

  • hipsters suck

    This hipster pub as you say really should stay away from Gerritsen Beach, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin, etc. These neighborhoods are different from say Carroll Gardens and you should not say they brought down the numbers. At least they have people that actually grew up in NY unlike all these transplants in brownstone Brooklyn.

  • Andrew Porter

    Who let the trolls in?

  • Sal Manila

    I don’t know Andrew, how did you get in?

  • Gravender Jay

    Salmonella?? Sorry, couldn’t resist, it’s the 12-year-old in me…