Extensive Nighttime Street Work in Heights Next Two Weeks

The following “heads up” was provided by Judy Stanton of Brooklyn Heights Association:

We have just been handed a tentative Street milling schedule from the NYC Dept. of Transportation for work scheduled over the next two weeks, starting Thursday.

Currently, all the work is scheduled for nights between 9PM – 5 AM!

We urged the DOT to reschedule the work to daytime hours but the request was refused outright because their contract has already been signed. Nonetheless, Councilman Yassky is trying to get it changed.

The schedule indicated below is tentative since delays at any point would push subsequent routes to later dates, and conversely, early completion could result in an earlier start date for subsequent routes.

No Parking signs are to be posted 48 hours in advance of work and there would be no parking starting at 6:00 PM on a work night through 6:00 AM the following morning. DOT denied all previous requests (by BHA, CB#2, Yassky) to require contractors to give residents 7 days notice of no parking restrictions on streets to be milled. Parking will be permitted during the day subject to regular parking rules. Watch for the parking notices as work progresses.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Court Street/Cadman Plaza West from Prospect Street to Joralemon Street: start 9:00 PM Thurs., 9/25; end 5:00 AM Sat., 9/27

Court Street from Joralemon Street to Atlantic Avenue: start 9:00 PM Mon., 9/29; end 5:00 AM Wed., 10/1

Remsen Street from Court Street to the Promenade: start 9:00 PM Wed., 10/1; end 5:00 AM Thurs., 10/2

Joralemon Street from Clinton Street to Hicks Street: start 9:00 PM Thurs., 10/2; end 5:00 AM Fri., 10/3

State Street from Clinton Street to Smith Street: start 9:00 PM Fri., 10/3; end 5:00 AM Sat., 10/4

PS We’ve asked the Mayor’s Film Office not to permit any film shoots anywhere near these streets until the work is finished.

We will report any changes to this plan as soon as possible.

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  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.blogspot.com BKBS

    Unbelievable! Mayor Bloomberg is all about taking a stand against night-time noise…until it’s the city that’s making it. It still astonishes me that city garbage trucks make the rounds to empty corner bins at 3 am, and this is truly outrageous…

  • dr bluman

    anyone got the home phone #s of the people behind this? seems like some late-night phone calls may be in order.

  • dr bluman

    any chance BHA can try to obtain a preliminary injunction? or seek article 78 review?

  • my2cents

    Don’t they realize this is a historic district? How dare they lay new pavement! Each crack and pothole is the very history and fabric of our community. I hope that whatever asphalt they use will be properly vetted by the Landmarks Commission and will be from a family of good standing. Strongly worded letters are encouraged.

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.blogspot.com BKBS

    Good point about the traffic, yooo; as I was walking up Hicks yesterday afternoon, between Pierrepont and Clark, I was surprised to see a truck (tree cutting? construction? don’t remember) completely blocking the street right around 5:30, and I remember thinking that it was about to become a nightmare, as it showed no signs of moving any time soon.

    And I suppose anything that offers even a modicum of relief from the relentless influx of movie crews should be applauded (trying to find a silver lining…)

  • JGM

    Better to get the new pavement now as the city will be hardpressed to pay for this sort of thing given the lower city income.

  • jenny from the block

    It states that the work on Cadman Plaza West will start on Thursday but they sure were at it last night from about 11PM until 3AM with jackahmmers and all. It was hell literally! What was really wrong with the streets anyway? They seemed fine to me.

  • HDEB

    Cadman Plaza west is being repaved so auto’s can travel faster, making it more dangerous to pedestrians.
    The noise last night was terrible!
    Remember to look both ways before you cross the street as you are likely to be delirious from listening to a jackhammer all night.

  • AliG

    This sucks huge hairy balls, I would like to get an army of people with airhorns to sit in front of these DOT workers’ the muckety mucks’ homes and let them have it in the middle of the day while they’re sleeping.
    P.S. Every home in Brooklyn Heights should have soundproof windows. Seriously, living next to the airport has got to be quieter.

  • yo

    i mean, it sucks, but c’mon people…i think you can handle 2 days of construction noise outside. The quickest way to do this kind of work without causing massive problems with traffic is to do it at night. unfortunately someone has to be impacted….fortunately, the work will be short, and once it’s done, the roads will be (in theory) nice and new….

    this is nothing to the gut renovation of my neighbor’s brownstone that I’ve had to endure for almost a year now…waking up 6 days a week at 7AM on the dot to heavy banging and heavy machinery is heaven, especially on saturday morning….

  • stew

    What is up with the amount of noise in BH? The Garbage Trucks are nonstopn! Always hanging around to pick up more trash from 166 Montague Street! And now THIS CONSTRUCTION!? This is insane. Something has to be done. This isn’t some Student Ghetto.

  • jenny from the block


    I don’t think you understand the amount of noise we are talking about here. I am not that light of a sleeper, I live in NYC how could I be, but that jackhammer nonstop (literally) for 4 hours straight was unbearable. If it was absolutly necessary than I would be all for it, but I do not believe it is at all. And if they still HAVE to do this why can’t they start it on the weekend or give proper notice so I can make other arrangements. I have a child that should not have to lose sleep because of this.

  • yooo

    I can’t comment on the necessity of road work — as, I’m guessing, none of us can.

    But a few hours of noise, even disruptive ones, aren’t enough reason to oppose something. Again, the alternative is major traffic disruption — bad for drivers, bad for the environment (OK, a bit of a stretch, I’m a dick), bad for the general mental health of the city.

    I’m not even a driver. I’m a sleeper — and may soon enough have kids of my own trying to sleep — but this just doesn’t strike me as a huge imposition.

    As to trying to make a marginally helpful suggestion, perhaps 10-ish (pm) is the time for these things. Post major traffic, pre-sleep (well, for some of us). But I’d assume that not every project can be so perfectly scheduled.

  • hoppy

    It always helps me sleep if I imagine that I’m in Iraq, Afghanistan or some other war zone for a while, and then come back to the fact that it’s only jackhammers or some other street machinery.

  • BH Resident

    I think this is terrible, and I’m truly dreading the night they do my street. It’s no fun to deal with a preschooler who has been up all night, and I guarantee that will be the story in my household. We’re talking about three painful days of recovery from just one night of bad sleep. Marriott…here I come.

  • Marlowe

    here are the clowns responsible for region 11

    call their offices, not 311……actually, call both!
    the jackhammers were outside my window until 6am this morning.
    I will be hammering back with complaint calls.

    Region 11 Organization, Contacts & Phone Numbers
    Hunters Point Plaza
    47-40 21st Street
    Long Island City, NY 11101

    Organization/Contact Name Telephone

    Regional Director

    Douglas Currey

    (718) 482-4526

    Director of Construction

    Philip Salerno

    (718) 482-4801

    Regional Construction Engineer

    Giuseppe D’Angelo

    (718) 482-4825
    Public Information Officer

    Adam Levine

    (718) 482-4526

    Office numbers only…..I’m sure that a lot of people would like to explain how cranky the construction has made them!

  • Marlowe

    that’s the D.O.T. region 11 by the way…..

    311 told me “they probably have the right permits, there’s nothing we can do.”

    Call ’em up!

  • bornhere

    Clearly, the posted “schedule” is only a serving suggestion. I live on Henry and Joralemon, with bedrooms fronting both streets, and the noise has been breathtaking and sleep-preventing (it would be nice if the trucks parked in front of our windows didn’t have to idle forever — although it almost becomes some kind of white noise). On Thursday, we had to watch portions of THE DEBATE in my windowless galley kitchen (one of the few times I’ve been grateful for the interior, no-access-to-the-world elements) in order to hear it. They are obviously not finished with the work, but the work that’s been done is pretty impressive. I can’t imagine the traffic chaos that would follow were this to be done during the day. (And I have to say that some of the dig, baby, dig equipment is very cool.) This, too, shall ….