Oversized Film Shoot Truck Attempts to Navigate Remsen

Today’s film shoots in Brooklyn Heights caused at least one interesting traffic snarl according to this dispatch from the BHA’s Judy Stanton:

This is one of the Bonanza Location Container trucks which parked on Remsen Street. After I took this photo of it, [it was] unable to make the turn off Remsen onto Hicks. I watched it make a few attempts, with wheels of the cab up onto the Bossert’s sidewalk, barely missing the street lamp but I didn’t watch to see if it crushed the underlying catch basin. I think it’s longer than the legal NYC limit (55 feet) but, whatever its length is, it is too long to turn anywhere in the Heights. There is only [one] way I think it can extract itself from Remsen Street which will be to go straight on Remsen, passing the 2 synagogues and church holding their Passover and Good Friday services, to get to Court Street where it may manage to turn.

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  • stuart

    the Mayor’s Office of Film has long taken advantage of Brooklyn Heights because our neighborhood association is so wimpy.
    If the BHA could only channel its anger away from new developments in DUMBO or St Ann’s Warehouse, and direct it instead to film crews that use our streets as their private back lots, we could see an improvement in our quality of life.

  • Quinn Raymond

    This happened with a refrigerated food trailer truck on Schermerhorn last night.

  • Jo Ann

    Agree with Stuart. They towed cars off Remsen at 1:30 am on Friday morning – setting off alarms and then moving all their equipment in. Called the ‘mayor’s office for film’ and got the runaround.