No Two Buck Chuck at TJ’s

For those of you who are stoked about the Court Street Trader Joe’s Grand Opening next Friday,  we hope you’re not pinning all your dreams on chugging a bottle of the chain’s famous Two Buck Chuck selection of wines.  The Brooklyn Paper reports that the Brooklyn location will not be stocking alcohol including the award winning vino.

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  • my2cents


  • bk heights girl

    TJ’s is only allowed to have one store in ny state selling wine because of the Blue laws.

    Months ago I asked a worker at the store in union square and that is what they told me. Oh well, lets be thankful we at least have this new store nearby.

  • my2cents

    oh yeah. i have heard of that law, actually. I guess it does help local liquor stores survive, though it probably had more to do with either helping or stymying the mafia (not sure which).

  • Beavis

    At the Union Square TJ’s the liquor store is one door down, so technically it’s a separate store. And I believe in NYC, Two Buck Chuck sells for $2.99. I use it to flush my car radiator.

  • AEB

    Yeah, cheap wine…a great idea until you drink it.

    Or try to.

  • HDEB

    Two buck chuck ($2.99) is yummy. It scores on par with wines 5 times as expensive in blind taste tests. Just because something is cheap doesn’t necessarily make it bad.

  • AEB

    (If it’s $2.99, shouldn’t it be called Two-Buck-Well-One-Cent-Short-Of-Three-Buck Chuck?

    This is a rhetorical question. I think.)

  • Beavis

    Choosy mothers choose Chuck.

  • cait

    It’s truly 2-buck-chuck in massachusetts and elsewhere, I think. I’m pretty sure it’s only 2.99 in new york

  • Beavis

    While in San Francisco a few years ago, I asked a Hawaiian shirt attired TJs associate why Two Buck Chuck is $2.99 in NYC, and he told me it had to do with the extra shipping costs to get the California wine out to the East Coast.

  • momof2

    it is 2.99 in NJ also FYI

  • http://none beaver

    $2.99 in washington state