Trader Joe Parade

Yesterday, as Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights residents prepare themselves for the arrival of Trader Joe's on Court and Atlantic, TJ brass and Brooklyn Borough President/the next Mayor of NYC Marty Markowitz held a parade to officially announce the chain's arrival.

In other TJ news, their famous "Two Buck Chuck" chardonnay has won a gold medal, beating out far more expensive wines. 

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  • Bklyn Native

    Unbelievable! Care to smell the cap?

    I’ve been drinking Two Buck Chuck for years. Before TJs on 14th Street, I used to bring back a few bottles from trips to CA.

    Makes a nice table wine. It’s also good to carry in the trunk of one’s car in case you have a radiator leak.

  • Idiot

    Having a *parade* to open up a grocery store is beyond pathetic. Trader Joes is there because they can make money, not because Markowitz can put on a circus act. Marty’s too small minded to run NYC (and probably Brooklyn).

  • cranberry

    I for one cannot wait for TJ! I am so sick of ghetto gristedes and key food…and garden of eden is way overpriced. When is it slated to open?

  • 11021rocks

    I hope trader joe’s forked over the funding for that parade…seems like a silly waste of tax payer money and resources.

  • EJ

    The “parade” was a dozen folks walking 3 blocks down the road. I doubt more than $20 in tax dollars were spent.