Lights On at Trader Joe’s

BHB tipster “Chris” sends in this photo of lights on at the soon-to-open Court Street Trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill.  McBrooklyn had the time to wander around and almost get hired there last week.

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  • Alex

    I just hope it open before my two-month free trial of Fresh Direct runs out!

  • E G

    I should have had a camera 3 weeks ago. Early AM they were actually bringing in stock!

  • Anita

    Walked by there are 9am this morning and could see an entire row of cereal already out on the shelves. Lots of stock in boxes out on the street.

  • my2cents

    I got a glimpse inside one day recently and it turned my stomach to see their tacky “pirates of the caribbean” wooden plank shelving units inside that gorgeous bank. I loathe their whole brand aesthetic, but they have nice stuff. Arrr.

  • missyf

    when exactly do they open?

  • barney

    Is there any parking?

  • Mike

    Signs went up this morning

  • joe

    love their salsa and frozen foods. Looking forward to it since I hate schelpping to other locations.

  • felicia

    I asked one of the TJ workers in Manhattan and they said the 26th of this month. I hope he was right I’m looking forward to some dried mangos no sugar no sulfur. yeah!!!

  • Not-super markets

    Felicia, looks like you are correct: