Bee Gone, Apple Returns

My heart soared when I saw the display on the upper half of the photo to the left, pitching for new advertisers on the probably legal bilboard that dominates the view from the north end of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. This made me think that Apple, which has had ads on it for the past several years, perhaps fearing the wrath of David on Middagh, travy et al (scroll down to comments), had decided to give it up.

Might this then make other prospective advertisers, fearing boycotts and torchlight parades by enraged Heights residents, have second thoughts about using the space? Alas, my hopes were to be dashed. As I got closer, I could see a cherry picker crane’s basket next to the Furman Street side of the billboard, and two workers making their way toward the middle of the sign with a suspicious looking bundle. More photos and text below…

There’s something happening here…

What it is ain’t exactly clear (but those fingers do look familiar).

Meet the new sign, same as the old sign.

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  • Jared

    They could have at least replaced it with “the new iPad”

  • Andrew Porter

    How many drivers, confronted by a giant attack bee on a magenta background, were unnerved enough to have fender benders before this was replaced?

  • Mark

    Why would apple put up a billboard for a now outdated product, the iPad 2, since the “new” iPad comes out on this Friday?

  • Matthew Parker

    Likely the sign was replaced because the older iPod 2 billboard was vandalized by graffiti.

  • David on Middagh

    But that’s an impossible spot to get to! No-one could tag it again and again…