C’est Officiel

Window of the former Jennnifer Convertibles space, at 121 Montague Street between Henry and Hicks, where Le Pain Quotidien is on its way, as of Friday morning, March 9. Want to know the difference between yeast and levain? Pick up an employment application.

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  • WillowtownCop

    In somewhat related news, I saw some work being done in the old Envy Salon space on Columbia Place this morning – one of the workers told me it was going to be a sandwich shop.

  • eric

    I don’t know why but my browser often doesn’t post photos from the bhb. Like this post — I assume from the text that there’s a photo there but it doesn’t show up — ?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Eric: you may need to update your browser if you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Some older browser versions won’t show photos on BHB

  • Mark

    No issues seeing the photo with Chrome. Excited about some more foods option in the neighborhood.

  • Knight

    Eric — I’ve been having the same issue, which only started a few weeks ago. Just to the left of the title, I see a small grey box with a dot in the middle. If I click on that, the photo opens in another window.
    Claude — I’m using Internet Explorer 8.0.6. What version do I need to remedy this?

  • epc

    Could be the height=”*” in the <img> tag for the thumbnail, is better to leave the height attribute out than use “*”.

  • eric

    @knight — clicking on the small grey box worked; thanks all.

  • Kevin P.

    Search Google for [le pain quotidien freakonomics] and then tell me you’ll still eat there.

  • AEB

    Postmortem rodents are one of the things they do best, Kevin. On dit.

  • Ex-Heightster

    I had always thought that a mattress store in such a prominent place on Montague St was not a great location for them, nor good or necessary for us residents either.

  • KT

    Waiter! There’s a mouse in my salad!!

  • mouse_mom

    I’m almost upset about it. For months I’ve been telling my husband that PQ would do so well in this neighborhood. A perfect lunch/brunch place for business folks during the week and the rest of us during the weekend. Let’s see if they can beat Heights Cafe in the level of service for families.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    I read the Freakonomics piece and I’ll still give the place a try, just as I’ll try the Baluchi’s on Henry despite their now remedied problem with a malfunctioning fridge.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw the inside of the new Starbucks on Montague; a floor installer held the door open for me, happy to show off his work. Very near being finished, I’d say.

    Will LPQ be a good place for BH teens to get work?