Le Pain Quotidien Taking Shape

The soon-to-be Le Pain Quotidien “bakery and communal table” at 121 Montague Street in the long-deserted former location of Jennifer Convertibles, is moving along faster than you can knead a loaf of bread. As of Tuesday, February 7, framing for new front windows was in the works.

To quote McBrooklyn, Le Pain Quotidien’s menu is filled with pastries (croissants and pain au chocolat); open-faced sandwiches (“Rustic Tuna, Hummus & White Bean with diced tomatoes and basil pesto”); sharing platters; and salads (“Grilled Chicken Cobb with organic mesclun, avocado, bacon and Fourme d’Ambert”).

Check out the chain’s full menu here.

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  • stuart

    kneed? is that a self defense move?


    you’re welcome.

  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    thanks for the correction stuart… oops… not often i kneed or knead my own bread.

  • Heightser

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! Best addition to the neighborhood in a long time!

  • stuart

    I agree that this will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
    Fresh baguettes and pastries. Rustic sandwiches. Nice!

  • lulu

    Indeed. Don’t mind mini-chains like this and Hanco.

  • Hicks on hicks

    Not sure about Le Pain being a “mini-chain”. They have stores in 7 states and 14 countries.

  • Hayley

    their soups are amazing – best vegan chili I’ve ever had – can’t wait for this to open!

  • harumph

    And the ability to buy good bread too!

  • Jerry

    too bad…just another chain…yawn…

  • http://Www.improveverywhere.com Local Coffee

    Could be worse. I feared another bank would go in there. I kind of like those long, communal tables.

  • Andrew Porter

    I wonder what Ricky’s will do for a Halloween store now?

    I look forward to a closer location for good bread than Sahadi’s or Trader Joe’s.

  • PromGirl

    No dearth if wonderful bread in our neighborhood.
    LASSEN & HENNIG, TAZZA, GARDEN of EDEN, & especially ALMONDINE have terrific bread.

    ALMONDINE baguette voted #1 baguette in NYC for years in a row. They bake bread twice a day.
    Their Boule with Hazelnuts, sliced very thin, the perfect accompaniment for your cheese tray. Also, the best, freshest, most authentic croissant around. Other specialty breads very Goid as well.

    CAPUTO on Court Street also excellent. They make the outstanding Golden Raisin & Tuscan loaf served in HENRY’S END breadbasket.