Eater NY Looks at Brooklyn Heights’ Colonie “One Year In”

Hard to believe it’s been a year since Colonie opened at 127 Atlantic Avenue. The eatery’s owners Tamer Hamawi, Emelie Kihlstrom, and Elise Rosenberg raised initial funds (and attention) via Kickstarter in late 2010. Kihlstrom lives in Brooklyn Heights today.

Eater NY ran a Q&A with the trio this week and asked them about the game changing review given to them only a few months after opening by Brooklyn Heights native/NYT food critic Sam Sifton:

Eater NY: You got a big review from Sam Sifton just a few months after opening. Did you know that was coming? Emelie: No, we were shitting our pants. We did spot him, but not every time. Tamer: I think that through the Kickstarter campaign, we were very much on the radar and it became a big story. Florence Fabricant was chasing us in the early stages for the opening article, and we were quite surprised by how aggressive she was, in a good way. So we knew that we were very much on the radar, and that we could possibly get reviewed, but it was still a surprise to get reviewed so early on. But we’re so thankful that we were. It was incredible to get a Times review, and we started getting bookings from as far away as Beirut from that review.

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  • maria

    I recently had one of the best dinners ever with friends at Colonie. Amazing. Delicious. Spectacular. Everything, the food, service and ambiance, as well as the wine list and special drinks (we certainly feasted!) was dreamy. Can’t wait to go back!

  • Joe

    I’m was so underwhelmed by Colonie. It’s not bad but I find it is overhyped. Might try it again because I don’t quite get the love.

  • mlo

    Mari awhat did you have? Can you make any recommedations

  • maria

    Hey mlo,
    I would go with several friends and order lots of things to share. That’s what we did. The cheeses are amazing. The crostini..we got several of those too and shared. The Brussel Sprouts are heaven. The menu changes daily because they use the freshest-in-season fare. So order as much as you can afford, you won’t regret it. Seriously after that meal I told my friends, ‘death row doesn’t seem so bad, if I can have a last meal like that.’