New Atlantic Avenue Eatery Uses Social Media for Funding

Colonie, a new restaurant at 127 Atlantic Avenue is slated to open in late November according to one of its 3 partners, Brooklyn Heights resident Emelie Kihlstrom.   To raise funds for their new venture they’ve turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter (just like  BHB’s Heather Quinlan did to fund her documentary):

Kickstarter: Hi there! We are three food and wine loving Brooklynites starting our very first restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the borough. There are many great restaurants in Brooklyn right now, but Brooklyn Heights is an area that has been lacking for sometime.

We have an amazing chef who is focused on local, seasonal American cuisine with a definite bias to all things gastronomically Brooklyn, and our wine list will be unique yet super approachable and affordable. We have an incredible bright and airy space with high ceilings and lots of exposed brick, and we are looking to create an environment that is warm, comfortable and interesting. One of our design elements is to include an open kitchen with counter dining. To us, nothing is cooler than sitting at the kitchen while a chef prepares your meal right in front of you. Watching the art of cooking while you dine is like a new kind of theater and can be truly inspirational, changing the way you think about the food you eat.

We need a great counter top and bar stools, sexy kitchen appliances, beautiful pendant lamps, and cool tiles for the wall. We are funding this project ourselves with some support from friends and family, but would like to reach out to the community for a little more help. We are offering AWESOME and generous incentives in the hopes that we will be able to personally meet (and thank!) everyone who donates, and to begin fostering a great relationship with all of you.

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  • Tietie007

    Nice memories of Brooklyn Height, during à Bastide Day !

  • my2cents

    “chef who is focused on local, seasonal American cuisine with a definite bias to all things gastronomically Brooklyn”

    how many restaurants started in the last 5 years fit this exact description?

    I still wish them all the best of luck! I respect anyone trying to make a go of their own vision/venture.

  • Mickey

    “Sexy kitchen appliances”? I’d like to know where to get my hands on those. Maybe my wife would cook more than once a week!

  • val

    Not sure the word “colon” in a restaurant name is too appealing…

  • Monty

    @Mickey, if you had sexy kitchen appliance, you wouldn’t need a wife!

  • Billy Reno

    Looking forward to some new blood in SoJo!

  • Karen S.

    So great! I think this is a perfect crowd-funding project.

    I am using for my project because you get to keep the funds you raise. (Kickstarter is great too, but they’re all or nothing, and that makes me too nervous!)

  • Claude Scales

    Val: the name “Colonie” has a worse association than “colon”; it’s the name of a suburb of Albany.

  • val

    Albany??? Gads.

  • bornhere

    “Sojo”? Really, Billy Reno, not to start an argument, but it’s part of the Heights (and not every two-block area needs a cutsie acronym).

  • Shannon Beffel

    I think this is an exciting/MUCH needed addition the the neighborhood…and if any of you actually lived in Brooklyn Heights you’d be excited too. it’s really sad when people manage to bash on a restaurant before it’s even opened…try to find happiness and joy in life please

  • JJHobs

    “chef who is focused on local, seasonal American cuisine with a definite bias to all things gastronomically Brooklyn”

    sure it’s been done, but if it’s done right then who’s complaining! Plus, the heights are pretty lame when it comes to dining, so a new restaurant sounds good to me.

  • intheheights

    I live in the neighborhood and I’m just thrilled to have a local spot to get a decent meal at (so it better be decent!!)