Hot Damn! Pool Coming To Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 This Summer

Dive in—or, uh, at least wade—Brooklyn Heights: Officials overseeing the 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park are planning to install a temporary pool in the Pier 2 uplands section of the green space this summer. According to a story in today’s New York Post, the 30-by-50-foot pool will be above ground, 3½-feet deep across, fully decked and remain there for five glorious years. Park officials estimate the cost of building the temp structure at around $150,000.

Murmurs surfaced last June about a pool being added to Brooklyn Bridge Park, although it appears to be quite different than that original plan.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn) told the Post, “I’ve long said the pool is a major priority for the park, and now the community can dive right in.” He spearheaded a deal last summer—that also includes the politically charged back-and-forth realization of high-rise housing located toward the DUMBO end of BBP.

This will not be a floating pool barge like the one that docked in the park in 2007, although Squadron says he is gunning to bring a permanent pool to BBP.

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  • J

    It needs to be bigger.

  • Gerry

    @ J you are right it needs to be much larger at least 50 meters.

    This outdoor pool will be nice but downtown Brooklyn needs an indoor pool an Aquatics Center like Asphalt Green on the East SIde of Manhattan.

  • ABC

    Pool yes, but 25×50 foot decked thing for 150k? IDK.

    The floating pool (with bathrooms and showers and lockers and splash pool and terrace) was a 25 meter pool or 80+ feet. That pool was at least 50% bigger than what is being proposed here and it required ticket takers and personnel to allow 170 people in at a time, etc. This 150k number is for what? the literal pool?

    I dont know why every announcement made by “park officials” sound half ass, but they do!

    Why is the money-losing marina still on that shown plan?

  • Chuck Taylor

    ABC: the graphic i used in the picture is not from an updated BBP map. there is no new plan yet showing the precise location of the pool. cheers. =ct=

  • Arch Stanton

    Are the “Park Planners” just plain stupid? 30×50 feet is woefully too small for a public pool at that location. 60×100 would be better but still kind of tight.

  • mlo

    So they’re throwing the community a bone to soften the swallow of the high rise housing and hotel. Most people in this community dont need and wont use a public pool. Plus its size is totaly inadequate anyway much like the childrens’ sprinkler area on Pier 6.
    Whose park is it anyway? Even though thosands of people say “this is what we want” “this is what we don’t want” we get some group of politicians that we elected teling us – this is what you’re getting -because we are self serving and greedy – thanks for your vote a&*#holes!

  • mlo

    I’m seriously starting to miss the blue PA piers

  • Miky

    While I think the park is outstanding and, despite a lot of negativity on this site, am usually fully supportive of the park, this seems like a major misstep. A pool is a good idea. This is much too small, however, given the demand. I somehow assume that this must be Squadron’s fault. He is so tiny that this must seem gigantic to him. Three-and-a-half feet deep — that will get his patchy beard wet.

  • Wrennie

    Why is it so shallow?

  • Publius

    Indeed, I don’t think anyone’s going to want to “dive in” at 3.5 ft.

  • bornhere

    And what happens after “five glorious years”?

  • Monty

    Quit bitching. Seriously. The floating pool was a unique and temporary attraction. This pool will be in the middle of a huge park and will be there for years. Don’t expect huge throngs of people past the opening month or two. Not to mention that it’s going to be replaced in 5 years. This is going to be fantastic just like the rest of the park.

  • EHinBH

    FAIL. There is enough in the Park. We dont need a nasty floating pool!

  • Master Of Middagh

    I don’t even give out my real name to my neighbors- you think I wanna swim in a tiny pool with them? Yet another bad idea made flesh…

  • Quinn Raymond

    It always amazes me when a tiny minority of cranky people ruin a nice thing.

  • Nicholas Post

    Ahem, cranky people think they own these places.

  • Jorale-man

    Well, as I see it, that pier is the last (or maybe second to last) of the six scheduled to be finished and there isn’t even funding for it yet. So it’ll be many years till they begin constructing it. In the meantime it can’t hurt to have a nice pool on there.

    Also, presumably the giant hotel complex in the park will have a pool someday too, so this is a step in that direction.

  • Happy Neighbor

    It’s better than nothing. Noone ever demanded a pool until the floating pool in 2007. Even if you just dip your feet it is better than being swallowed up by the dirty waters of the east river. And if you dislike this pool…there is a wonderul pool in Red Hook…extremely large and there is no time limit in terms of how long you can stay for the sessions.
    Hopefully they will build something larger and more substantial in a few years but it’s a start.

  • Jim

    i love it !!!! gr8 idea !!!! gr8 park !!!!

  • Sheila

    What ever happened to the beautiful pool inside the hotel?

  • Penny Bridge

    A petri dish at best. Couldn’t they just do a simple sprinkler pool for cooling off in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter.

  • Judy

    This is a children’s pool and – small or not – I predict that we’ll see a lot of kids splashing around and having fun in the 3 1/2′ deep water. Sure, it will be crowded but so are the playgrounds crowded…. and children still have a great time there, as well. Another floating pool like the ‘Pool Lady’ which we were lucky to have for one summer at Pier 5 (and is now being enjoyed in the Bronx) will require a few $ million.

  • dean collins

    how about they finish off the freaking park first.

    I see cars driving to the site every day and the workers just sit in their nice cozy huts doing F”All” while our rates/taxes etc pay for nothign to get done.

    Brooklyn park is a joke.

  • SuzieQ

    Let’s see, Squadron agreed to an additional 3 million square feet of development to (possibly) get rid of 1 million on Pier 6 in return for a (popped) sports bubble and a five years of a temporary, above ground (wading) pool– does that sound like a good deal for the public? Nice job Daniel– you really put one over on the Mayor!

  • Pat R. Ician

    $150,000 for the 99% and $2 billion for the 1%– sounds about right to me!

  • BH’er

    The plans look good to me… keep building!!

  • Anon

    Another oops from Squadron. He should’ve stuck to his promise of no more housing in the park – it would have given him some credibility and support, and one day, a real pool. Now it’s just a continuing mess.

  • BH’er

    Where, exactly, will the pool go? I can’t make it out in the drawings in the post!

    It would be great to have a larger pool and one that adults could use.

    The plans look really great, but two points:
    1. Is this summer a realistic timeline? I find it hard to believe that, given the current state of the park, we’ll have a pool in service for this summer

    2. Access is still an issue… even with the pedestrian bridge at Fruit St, it would be very nice to have an access point mid-park circa Montague St. – is this a possibility?