Open Thread: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It’s an extra special Open Thread Leap Day Wednesday. There will not be another 2/29 that falls on Wednesday until the year 2040… so start your engines and comment away.

Photo by Chuck Taylor: rear upper floor of a Remsen Street home, seen from Grace Court.

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  • lois

    Reminder: Tomorrow night, Thursday, March 1st at 6 PM Henrik Krogius will be at the Women’s Exchange at 55 Pierrepont Street to discuss the history of the promenade.

  • lori

    And don’t forget, it’s Sadie Hawkins Day.

  • Josh G

    Just saw (and heard) a bunch of people with whistles marching down Clark St toward the Promenade. A bit early for an organized march.. anyone know what this is about?

  • monty

    They parked on Willow right outside my window for maybe 10 minutes. Some googling based on their signs says they are these guys:

  • maria

    Today I just want to say thank you to the folks that put together this blog. The reporting is always great! And I love the photos from local photographers to look at.

    It is difficult at times in this city to feel connected to ones neighbors and know what’s new in the ‘hood. This lil’ blog makes me feel like its the local barbershop or ice cream shop (wherever it is that small town folk get to hang out and chew the fat).

    So thanks everyone! Keep up the great work!

  • Cassie

    Anyone know who owns the Bentley that is always parked and well guarded outside St Marks Comics? Does it have any connection to the shoe store there named Bently’s?

  • Joe from Grace

    Ok, so I live on Grace Ct (as my handle would imply). Every morning at 6:30 AM my wife and I walk down our block and see a man pacing on the North side of the street speaking on his cell phone (in Italian, I think). When we return from the gym an hour later, he’s always gone. This is every day and it’s been going on for months. Any idea who this man is?

  • David on Middagh

    Maria, you said it. I only wish this blog had invented the Internet, so it could have been around when I first moved here.

  • wallard

    @Joe, I think you need to watch The Sentinel. Maybe someone’s made their way over from Remsen Street to Grace Court….

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    My guess is that the man is most likely a neighbor.

  • Wrennie

    Josh G/Monty…there were a bunch of people marching down to the 2/3 platform at Clark and chanting–couldn’t make out the words. This was around 7:50 or so.

  • Big Dave

    I like the notion of this blog sort of like Floyd’s in Mayberry…

  • Claude Scales

    Joe: a friend who used to live above Chicken America on West 14th Street in Manhattan in the 1970s used to hear this same dialogue every night that he was home, at about the same time:

    “Louise, get in the car.”

    “F–k you, Harry.”

    “Louise, get in the g-ddamned car!”

    “F–k you, Harry!”

    This would go on for a while. I suppose she finally did get in the car, or he left without her. It’s life in the big city.

  • amanda

    Just wanted to say that my husband and I went to Baluchi’s for the first time on Saturday night and had a really wonderful dinner. The service was great and the food was delicious. The ambience inside is very nice too. I hope they do well, as they are a very welcome addition to a neighborhood that is lacking in good Indian food (Amin or whatever it’s called now is pretty terrible, and the last time I got delivery from Curry Heights, a roach crawled out of the bag!). We will be going back often!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    The protestors marched right past my building this morning. They stopped in front of a house on Willow St. A man came out of the building and they followed him down the block. He was Robert Doar, Commissioner of New York City Human Resources Admin.
    That’s all I know.

  • Joe from Grace

    Willow Street Neighbor,

    I would not be surpised if “cell phone man” was indeed a neighbor. But who paces back and forth over a 10 foot span at such an early hour EVERY morning? It’s just very strange behavior.

  • sonny

    Does anyone know of a local carpet / rug cleaning service or rental? Doesn’t have to be right in BH, but nearby. We want to clean an area rug, but of course many places charge the same price no matter how large or small the rug is due to the equipment and labor involved. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Anna B

    I’m looking for the same thing as Sonny! 5×8 area rug.

  • A Neighbor

    Joe from Grace, he is probably somebody’s driver. He is out of the car, walking around, waiting for his passenger. A number of people in the neighborhood have drivers.

  • Mark


    He might not get cell phone reception in his apartment. Also, he may think it just as strange that you leave you apartment every morning at 6:30am.

  • Clintonious Wow

    Christmas decorations: Why are so many of them still up in the Heights. It’s more than 2 months ago now–it’s making you look crazy. If I were a con man, I’d prey on residents of homes w/wreathes on the door in march b/c I’d know they’re not thinking right. That wreath on St. Ann’s School has been there at least since Christmas 2011. Cukoo, cukoo!

  • AmyinBH

    Joe from Grace, Is the man short and does he wear athletic style clothing?

  • Joe from Grace

    Mark, many people leave at that hour (to go the gym, work, etc). Not many people stand at a corner and pace. There is a difference. Maybe he doesn’t have reception in his apartment and that’s the answer (although it’s still strange he would be making 6:30 calls every morning). I tend to think “A Neighbor” is correct. I too considered that this man was a driver (although I wondered why he wasn’t waiting in the vehicle).

  • GHB

    Jeez Joe… he was joking!

  • RemsenGal

    @Amanda – I am so disgusted beyond belief to hear that you had a ROACH crawling out of your Curry Heights take out. How long ago was this?

    I’m gagging at my desk here… My husband and I had Curry Heights last week…

  • Doublebara

    I’ve used Better Carpet Warehouse at 443 Atlantic Avenue for various carpet needs. Check out:
    ask for Edwin.

  • Ike

    Joe – His cellphone usage sounds dangerous and suspicious, call the police!

  • Arch Stanton

    Joe- MYOB or move back to the burbs, really.

  • amanda

    @RemsenGal – Yeah, it was a few months ago and we haven’t ordered from them since. Got the bag from the delivery guy, brought it into the kitchen, put it down on the counter and I saw this flash of movement and then a big (1″ long at least) roach was sitting on the outside of the plastic bag just looking at me. I was paralyzed and could only point at it and make shrieking noises. My husband had to take it out of my sight and we tossed the food. Baluchi’s food is, IMHO, much tastier anyway. Glad they’re in the neighborhood!

  • Joe from Grace

    Arch, I was born and raised in Brooklyn Heights. Went to P.S.8 and Packer, was bar mitzvahed and married in the neighborhood. Left for college and graduate schoool and came back to this neighborhhod. Can you say the same?

    I don’t know why me wondering about someone who stands on my block at 6:30 every morning would be offensive to you. It’s strange behavior and I am curious who he is. That’s all.