Waterfront Wines Thronged for Tasting Event

On a chilly, rainy night, enough people showed up at Waterfront Wines & Spirits for the “Drink Local” tasting event for the benefit of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy to fill the store. In the photo, Brooklyn Oenology owner Alie Sharper pours a sample of Social Club White. Tasting notes after the jump.

Brooklyn Oenology’s “Social Club White”: Ms. Sharper uses locally sourced New York State grown grapes, and the current edition of SCW is from chardonnay grown on Long Island’s North Fork. It has forward fruit without oakiness; overall a smooth and well-balanced white.

Brooklyn Oenology’s “Motley Cru” Red: a blend of New York grown grapes, with some varietals characteristic of Bordeaux and others of the Rhone Valley. The mix works well; good berry flavor without being cloying, and some tannic structure without being astringent.

Breuckelen Distilling’s “Glorious Gin”: made with neutral spirit distilled from grain grown upstate. The addition of selected botanicals yields a gin with pleasant hints of juniper bitterness, citrus acidity, ginger and rosemary spice.

New York Distilling Company’s “Dorothy Parker American Gin”: unlike its namesake, this gin is subdued and smooth. It would mix well with just about anything.

New York Distilling Company’s “Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin”: named for a former Commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this is truly the Popeye the Sailor of Gins, packing a peppery punch. It made an interesting gin-and-tonic with lime; I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be good in a Bloody Mary.

Brooklyn Republic Vodka: I remarked to owner Kary Laskin that this was the most neutral vodka I’d ever tasted, and she nodded appreciatively. Obviously a good ingredient for mixed drinks; also enjoyable on its own.

I had earlier predicted an appearance by Steven and Vanessa. During the course of the evening, I encountered two Steves, but despite an informal poll of women present (a not unpleasant task) I couldn’t find a Vanessa. If you were there, please let me know.

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