Open Thread Wednesday 9/3/08

BHB Photo Club pic by esabet via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by esabet via Flickr

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • nabeguy

    Shook handskys this morning with David Yassky in front of PS8. He was politicking with Christine Quinn, with both of them touting their efforts to try and a get a middle school in Downtown Brooklyn (Yassky) and their fight against cuts to school funding and for universal Pre-K (Quinn). Educated guess/Rumor of the day…St Charles may be looked at as a middle school option.

  • luvtheheights

    Wow! That would be amazing. Any other info out there to substantiate that theory?

  • luvtheheights

    Anyone know of a B & B in the Heights? My parents used to stay at Betsy Klein’s on Henry Street. Turns out she sold her house and moved to an apartment on Montague St. We’re desperate!!

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    What’s on my mind? Hmm, it’s a bad idea to drink 10 cocktails on a work night.

  • cv

    I’m relatively new to the neighborhood. What is St. Charles? Thanks.

  • nabeguy

    St Charles Borromeo School, located on Sidney Place, is/was a Catholic parochial school for PK-8 that was closed back in February due to a fire. The diocese, citing dwindling enrollment, made the decision not to re-open it, despite being considered an exceptional school.

  • Jesse

    Go Squadron

  • paul

    anyone have any good recommendations for a cleaning lady? I got my current dentist from the “who’s the best dentist” thread on BHB, maybe we can have a “who’s the best cleaning lady?” minithread.

  • Bklynred

    Today I want to let patrons of Mario, Sam and Elena formerly of Hair Profiles know that they have moved to Studio Fryzura at 78 Clark Street. A loss to Montague Street is a gain to Clark Street!

  • JGM

    Finally walked into Spicy Pickle…did not order anything, so cannot comment on the food other than it seemed a bit expensive. For some reason, I thought the place was going to be more interesting (to the extent a chain restaurant from the midwest can be). Doubt it will do well with the residents, but maybe it will do ok with the lunch crowd looking for something different. Does not seem as good as Pret a Mange or Cosi…so basically a net negative for Montague.

  • ABC

    thought catholic charities was looking to open a preschool/head start/early education center in that space — perhaps as early as next fall. they polled some local catholic families about need for this in the area (me included). there is a great need, but I’d be happy for a middle school too.

  • frances k

    Just gotta say that’s a gorgeous photo!

  • mc

    Bklynred, thank you. Sam always cut my teenage son’s hair, and we’ve been searching for him this past week. Did he make a brief stop at Irene Dinov? We were told last week he was working there, but when we called for an appointment this week, were told he was gone.

  • Pigeon

    i heard that the manager of 52 clark street was arrested the other day, and i walked by police officers in front of 52 clark street questioning janoff and olshan (building managment) people. does anyone know why the manager of 52 clark street was arrested?

  • Clark Lane

    What do you mean manager? Do you mean the super or one of the desk guys?

  • GHB

    Maybe he was in cahoots with The Oven/Blue Pig guy…

  • jon

    @40 Clinton we smell smoke coming thru the windows & hear sirens. Anyone know what’s up?

  • MC

    Hi MC,
    This is Sam. I don’t know if I am the one you are looking for but I am a hair stylist with Studio Fryzura now. Give me a call!