Sesame Street Coming to Our Street

Your faithless correspondent noticed these fliers tacked up on Joralemon. Finding Google a bust, he called the listed number and found the following:

  • A Muppet Christmas special (working title: Letters to Santa) is in preproduction
  • The crew is scouting locations; there will not necessarily be any real shooting done this coming Monday
  • The bulk of shooting is done at Steiner Studios and, in fact, the entire production may ultimately be shot there
  • There do not appear to be any “names” attached to the movie

The gentleman who answered the phone, whose name I did not catch, was unduly patient and deserves a raise.

Oh, and this is probably just a coincidence, but Progressive Nation: A Travel Guide with 400+ Left Turns and Inspiring Landmarks says that Sesame Street, and by extension the Muppets, owe a debt to our fine neighborhood:

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  • thepeachtree

    I think my childhood heart just burst :)

  • weegee

    It would be a lot happier and cuter if it were still the Sesame Street of the first 20 years. Why re-hash this genre, when “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street” remains as the definitive Muppet-based yuletide event?? “Elmo Saves Christmas” doesn’t even deserve a mention. Can’t wait to see how much more intelligent and snarky humor that was integral to Sesame’s early years will be squandered in this latest effort for the two-second attention span generation.

    Anyone make the pilgrimage to the Muppet exhibit at the Smithsonian yet?

  • travy

    no names attached?? let it be known i cannot support any production that does not include fozzie bear…

  • j.b. diGriz

    Muppets Production is more likely a Disney thing, and not Sesame Street related.

  • nabeguy

    This site confirms the BH connection to Sesame Street.

  • Erik

    I live in the building where they are filming the upcoming Muppets special “Letters to Santa”. The crew was in my apartment this morning taking out my air conditioner and hanging props and lights around my window. The official day of filming is monday the 8th.
    Joralemon street is one of three locations being shot. I don’t know any details of the story, but I was told many of my favorite muppets will be there on monday. Pretty cool.

  • nabeguy

    Erik, my daughter would love an autograph from Grover. See what you can do. Thanks.

  • anonymous
  • Vaughn Michael

    The Muppets are not the same thing as Sesame Street folks, Kermit used to be on both shows.
    He and the rest of the Muppet Show Characters(the show from prime time tv back in the 70s) are the only ones going to be on this.
    Sesame Street has an entirly differnt cast of characters and the only 2 Muppet Show characters ever to be on Sesame Street had been Kermit and Rowlf the Dog one time in a skit.
    Hope this helps a bit.
    The thing that has me the most excited about this is Paul Williams name is attached to it, the song can not write a bad song!
    -Vaughn M.