Eagle on Fulton Ferry Landing

The Brooklyn Eagle reports on how the Fulton Ferry Landing area has become a tourist destination.  The piece includesand interview with the owner of the hot dog stand in a parking lot guy:

Brooklyn Eagle: Fulton Ferry Landing…: One person who has seen the change, Richard Mauro, moved to DUMBO 40 years ago, and has owned the aforementioned Landing parking lot for four years, and opened the hot-dog stand this year. The recipes are all his own, but reflect different locations – the “Chicago Dog,” for example, has peppers, tomatoes, onions and celery salt; the “El Paso Texas Dog” has homemade chile. He often adds new variations – for example, the “Dubai Dog” with Middle-Eastern seasoning.

Not only is business doing well, he said, he plans to stay open through November.

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  • nabeguy

    Based on last weeks enthusiastic posts about “The Landing” hot dogs, my daughter and I gave them a try and I’m pleased to say they truly live up to the hype. I opted for the Chicago dog (all fresh ingrediants, but watch the sport peppers; very spicy/hot), while my less-adventurous 6 year old settled in a regular Brooklyn dog with ketchup. I’ve never heard of Vienna’s Best brand dogs before, but they definitely make the difference…sweet, not overly spiced, and, best of all, they won’t repeat on you. I’m lucky if I can get my daughter to eat a pea at dinner, but she ate her whole dog with relish, so to speak.

  • my2cents

    I am so glad you liked them! I only eat Vienna Beef dogs if i can help it! They are a Chicago institution.

  • nabeguy

    As you warned, yhey were a little bit more than your2cents, but well worth it. In fact, I just found their site on line and they seem to run about the same price as the other available premium brands (Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer et al). Too bad the smallest pack you can buy is 48, buy maybe I’ll treat myself.


  • ABC

    you can buy them in almost any grocery store.

    they should be grilled. I tried to buy one at the stand mentioned a few months ago, and everything was boiled. BOILED?! I was OUTRAGED! and then I ate one and thought, eh, it’s okay this way, but nothing special.

  • Biff Champion

    What are the days and hours (approximately) of the hot dog cart?

  • nabeguy

    ABC, name one in the nabe that has them.

  • my2cents

    ABC: Boiled is how they are eaten in Chicago. It is authentic to eat them boiled. People char them on a grille too of course. But that is more for polish sausage. Some people even put ketchup on them, but that will get you kicked out of any decent dog stand in Chicago. :-)

    And no you can’t get Vienna beef just anywhere at a grocery store. Believe me, I’ve looked. I buy a pack every time i go to visit my folks back in Chi-town! The best thing about the guy at the Fulton Landing is he has really good poppy seed buns. Those are hard to find in new york. My hat is off to Mr Mauro!

  • here since 89

    they should be boiled. I got food poisoning from one of these as a child and barely pulled through as they used to say, haven’t has one since.
    by the waay if fulton ferry is such a tourist destination, shouldn’t someone do something about the way it looks? the place is mud, gunk, and graffiti. it is hideous. do foreigners go there to get a feel of “old NY” ? circa 1979??

  • LenasDad

    fresh ingredients. clean working space. really nice people. the only missing ingredient is beer.

  • ABC

    you boil and then grill.

    and I give you that they are sometimes ONLY boiled in Chicago, but most of the zillion hot dog places in chicago serve them up in a variety of ways. I grew up in those parts!

    you used to be able to get them at the D’ags on Love Lane. I’ve bought them at Fairway, Costco (brooklyn), and Target (atlantic center).

  • hoppy

    I realize the difficulties with NYLA licences, etc., but if this space is sucessful with hot dogs, Mr. Mauro should try to add some draft beers. This space will make a nice little mini-biergarten with some tap lines of the lighter Sixpoint ales (Apollo Wheat, Sweet Action) and maybe even a Goose Island IPA or Honkers Ale to placate the Chicago dog crowd. Just a hopeful vision….

  • joe

    I’ve eaten here about 3-4 times. My son loves the hot dogs though I prefer my hot dogs grilled. I second the beer idea. I’ve posted before that I wish for a bar with outdoor seating. This would be just as good in my book.

  • my2cents

    I would Love for there to be beer there too! But honestly, it’ll just get too popular like everything else in New York that doesn’t suck. The Shake Shack started out as a hot dog cart too, and now you need to be either unemployed or have a personal servant if you want to eat there during the day.
    I’ll stick to an ice cold can of pop (also known as soda out here) if it’ll keep the place quiet and relaxing a little longer. You can always get a beer at the pop-up park afterwards.

    ABC, I concede that yes most places in chicago will also grill them for you (char dog). It isn’t a hard and fast rule of course, but i personally prefer them boiled. ;-)

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    When I eats the dogs I take them them across the street to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier and order a beer from there and look at the great views from the tables provided. Great dogs, beer and view all in one. Love Brooklyn Heights.

  • Monty

    89, I was commenting on the grittiness to my wife the other day. I think that’s exactly why people like it. In the movies, New York is gritty with abandoned brick building and graffiti everywhere. DUMBO has lots of picaresque grit without actually being a dangerous neighborhood. I think maybe the tourists and strollers ruin the illusion, but it makes for good photo ops. Kind of like a New York City pavilion at the Epcot Center.

  • esplanader

    I think Monty must be right. Tourists from squeaky-clean places come to NY and love to take photos amidst the ruin and decay of the Empire Stores so they can show their friends back home how gross NY still is and how they survived their visit to the fringes of civilization (Brooklyn!).