New Neighbor Open Thread – 1/14/12

We do these from time to time – a thread for new arrivals and those thinking about moving to Brooklyn Heights.

So ask away newbies!

And if you’re interested in the great history of the area, watch our humble publisher walk through highlights of his Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking tour as well as Heights Hero Martin L. Schneider and Karl Junkersfeld’s Battling for Brooklyn Heights.

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  • lori

    No newbies? Or do they just not know about the blog yet.

  • wrennie

    Either that, or they’ve read the comments on various threads and are afraid of getting skewered by the regulars. =)

    We’re nice, I swear!

  • GHB

    Wrennie’s right. When you express an opinion on this blog, there’s a very good chance that you will smacked down, criticized, lambasted and called names by people who love to hide behind the curtain of internet anonymity. And yes, we are nice!

  • Teddy

    @Elmer Fudd

    I think it’s still Brooklyn.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Has anyone noticed the ugly metal window frame installed at the optometrist Friedman’s? Could this frame possibly be in conformity with landmark codes?

  • Holly

    We’re actually newbies in the North Heights and very excited to be here! I’m still trying to figure out the gym situation, is anyone here a member a Eastern Athletic Club? I’m interested in joining and would love to hear any thoughts! Group fitness classes are of particular interest.

  • Matthew Parker

    I’ve been working out at Eastern for many years. It’s decent, with a lot of equipment, a pool, whirlpool, nice lockers, lots of studios for pilates, yoga, aerobics. The classes are good and there are a lot of them.

    Don’t expect Bliss Spa or too many orchids on the front desk, say like an Equinox, but it’s definitely a good gym at a fair price point. A step up from NYSC, and a step down from an Equinox. It’s low key and unpretentious, like many other things in the Heights.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    I’m trying to find a home for my beloved (about) 5 year old cat who I’m terribly allergic to. She needs to be in a single pet household (she hates cats and dogs but loves people!). I will not take her to a shelter. I am committed to finding her a good home through other channels. She is sweet, snuggly and loving. She’s happy when you’re there and totally fine when you’re not. She just likes to find a patch of sun in the living room to curl up and sleep in :-) If you’re interested, or know someone who is, please let me know:

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Matthew Parker, tell them that EAC is a dump with the oldest elliptical machines in existence, the cleanliness is questionable,
    and management is indifferent. lowkey & unpretentious, like the Heights in the 70’s, comparatively, a dump.

  • Matt

    The neighborhood is boring as hell, full of tourists, strollers and old people. There is no good food; there is some decent, though overpriced, food. The ethnic food is as bland as a turkey sandwich on Wonder bread. The grocery stores are uniformly terrible. If you’re young (20s-30s) and single, you are invisible. The main commercial thoroughfare caters to office/court employees at Borough Hall, not the actual neighborhood residents.

    The neighborhood is, however, beautiful, safe and clean. There are also a lot of subways.

    I’m moving out on Friday and cannot wait.

  • Knight


  • Willow St. Neighbor

    So, where are you moving to?
    I have alot of the same complaints about the neighborhood as you do. I have enjoyed living here for the past seven years but look forward to retiring elsewhere.

  • Matt

    I’m moving to one of those huge new buildings on the LIC waterfront. And yes, I acknowledge that the neighborhood is not nearly as cute/quaint as BK Heights and there are fewer subway options.

    That said, the building is chock-full of amenities. The neighborhood is full of people in my demographic (20-30s), I’ll be living in the same building as a Whole Foods-type market, and I love all of the food options on the 7-train corridor.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  • Wrennie

    Congrats on the move, I suppose, although certain “neighborhoods” like that just remind me of those sad little puppies at pet stores looking out onto the street wanting someone to love them. In this case, those buildings house people who desperately want to be in Manhattan but aren’t.

  • Matt

    Haha, I can see that. After living in Manhattan for six years, however, I have no interest in living there again (unless I win the lottery and can afford a beautiful townhome in the West Village).

  • north heights res

    I’ve been a member at EAC since 1998 and I’m pretty happy there. Can’t beat the convenience (much closer than NYSC or Equinox) and it’s always met my needs. I used to take group classes and liked the aerobics and sculpting classes very much; the machines can be a little wonky and maintenance not quite as timely as would be ideal, but most of the time, it’s not a problem. I recently started taking a yoga class, and while I’m no yoga expert, I am very, very happy with it.

    It’s also pretty awesome to have a pool there, even though I haven’t used it in ages.

  • Wrennie

    Well, so long, fellow invisible-20/30s’er. May your knockoff version of Whole Foods fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Matt, nice post on a thread intended to WELCOME new neighbors (sarcasm heavily implied). Classy.

  • bicoastal love

    While I have found some really great restaurants in Cobble Hill, I want a few staples even closer. Any good recommendations for spots right in the Heights? So far, I like Jack the Horse Tavern.

  • David on Middagh

    For relaxed, informal meals, go to Tutt Café half a block away from JTH.