Open Thread Wednesday 1/11/12

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by tscola via Flickr

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  • Bongo

    @soulman Sounds like they’re still having trouble with the center channel, as noted about a year ago. This is where most the dialog happens and if it’s bad/broken you ended up with a “mumble-fest”

  • Villager

    Saw that Noodle Pudding B (barely visible, IMO) and that Great Wall got a C.

  • PJL

    @Soulman, we also went to the Brooklyn Heights Cinema to see “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” (on 1/2) and thought that the picture was a bit blurry/out of focus… did you notice that as well?

    Agree that the audio quality wasn’t great either….

  • Andrew Porter

    Red pick-up truck with Rhode Island plates parked illegally on Pineapple yesterday, during the alternate side no parking switch. Told me he lived “on this road”, and was going home to walk his dog. Guess what: the truck is still parked there today.

  • Vicki

    willowstneigh – Did you try calling Customer service to stop the automated calls? It seems that once you’re in the system, the pharmacist themselves can’t do anything. I removed myself by calling Customer service. Try 800-746-7287; choose option 5 for “all other”

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I too saw “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” there on 1/2, and audio/video quality was the last thing I was worried about…wanted to hurry home to get an all-cleansing shower and erase certain images from my mind. That said, no complaints about the quality of the showing, and had a nice conversation with the “new” owner. Great local cinema.

  • Andrew

    @Jon I’ve used the tailor in St. George (on Henry St.). They’ve done good work and turned it around very quickly. Heights Cleaners on Montague also.

    I’ve heard complaints about muffled sound in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo generally, that’s it not just localized to the print at the Heights Cinema, but may be the result of Fincher’s choices or the way that the prints were made.

  • Gerry

    @ El you need to find a handyman to cut your counter to size — I like Home Depot because they cut the wood to size for you on spot.

    @ Jon I find the tailor on Henry Street near Montague Street does a good job with alterations,

  • Heightsguy

    I had a little trouble understanding the soundtrack for a different movie at BH Cinema (Descendants – maybe it was muffled b/c everyone was in tears)

    Some of the staff are really determinedly unhelpful at CVS, but others are fine. But when you have a really bad experience that’s what will stick in your mind. I set off an alarm at every visit to CVS. I feel like I am Jean Valjean pursued through the sewers of Paris with a loaf of bread(or silverware?)

  • OrangeJulius

    @ EHinBH

    That is an excellent wish list. I second.

  • Janeonorange

    Re the Tailor by the St. George: I agree he is really good but I have thought his prices were unbelievably expensive.

  • Capulet

    OJ – The toilet is consistent with that place and its food. I approve.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Capulet – if you mean that the toilet serves delicious food and the toilet’s interior is warm and friendly, then you are spot on!

  • Capulet

    CH – No, not what I meant. Food and restaurant tastes vary significantly, especially on this blog so nothing personal. If you like the place please take my comment as nothing but an opportunistic attempt at wit. it was just to easy. Sorry.

  • JoJo

    Near-closing on our first apartment and will be looking to have some work done and would love to get some recommendations from neighbors who’ve been satisfied in the neighborhood

    -Having hardwood parquet floors refinished

    -Having someone come and run coax cables in the apartment. It’s an early 1950s building where the cable basically runs all over the place, I want to have it run properly behind solid (cement-like) walls throughout.

    Thanks all!

  • PeterB

    Not that we’ve had any snow to speak of, but our co-op wants to be prepared. We’re looking for someone who’d be interested in shoveling for the building after storms — anyone know of resources we could use? Thanks.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Re: the tailor next to the St. George.
    I would never use him again. I brought in a washable coat. The pockets needed repair. He charged me $35 and the job took two weeks. I washed the coat and the pockets started to fall apart again.

  • cascascas

    The heights CVS is the worst drugstore in America?? Has anyone been in the RiteAid or Duane Reade on Montague recently? And much as I like the idea of supporting local businesses, it’s instructive to compare prices side-by-side between CVS and City Chemist.

  • 60 pineapple

    has anyone noticed a new pizza place opening soon on court st between the vitamin shop and court st office supply ?
    just what we need.

  • BronxKid

    RE: the tailor next to the St. George. I found his prices high and his work uneven – literally. Sometimes he does a good job, othertimes he doesn’t. He is also very slow….takes weeks to hem a pair of pants. I found it very hard to communicate with him due to his lack of understandng of English. I stopped using him for all of those reasons. For simple jobs, I have started using the tailor who is with the Golden Hanger Dry Cleaners on Clark Street., but I don’t know how their tailor would be if the job was a complicated one.

  • BronxKid

    CVS drugstore is convenient and their prices are good for cosmetics, shampoos, etc. — especially when they have sales. Their pharmacy department has on more than one occasion caught mistakes made by my doctor (for example, presecribing something that would interact negatively with another drug I am taking). However, the clerks at the front cashier desk are just awful. The term customer service is not in their vocabulary. You can stand there and stand there while they chit chat about their weekends, their boyfriends, etc., etc. And those self check out machines never work properly. I think the store needs a new manager. Many people use CVS because they are connected somehow to United Healtcare and the pharmacy of choice if you have health insurance with UHC. Never tried City Chemists as the place always looks like it is closed. Unappealing window displays in my opinion. Duane Reade on Court Street – sometimes, but not frequently, and only for the most basic of items.

  • Jorale-man

    The Duane Reade at Court & Joralemon isn’t bad as drug stores go. Sometimes you have walk through World War 3 to enter off Court Street but the line and service inside seems reasonable.

    I like the renovations at MichaelTowne. In the old store it felt like they were trying to keep an eye on you with the rat-maze layout. It’s a little more open and welcoming now.

  • NG

    Since there is no pizza place on court st until you reach My Little, I hope Antonios is good

  • MonroeOrange

    Well it appears the renovations at Michaeltowne are liked by some. However, all of the good scotch is behind the counter, if I’m spending $50 on a bottle I should be trusted to hold the bottle. But my real issue is with the pricing in the windows, makes the corner look horrible and store look run down,

  • weegee

    Another vote for Heights Cleaners. They’ve taken good care of many of my ’30s and ’40s suits with tailoring and cleaning.

    Does Towne still have the nifty collection of Napoleonic figures on the top shelves? Always used to look for them when I went by…anyone know if the owner was a collector of sorts?

  • Arch Stanton

    Arches wish list:
    The housing bubble will continue to implode making all properties bought in the Heights in the last 15 years worth pennies on the dollar. Most go into foreclosure, there is a mass exodus of, trust-fund brats, yuppies and financial crooks from the neighborhood. Native BHers start moving back along with artists and other bohemian types. All the national chain stores, real estate brokers and nail salons go bankrupt and close forever. Rents drop to realistic rates and small locally owned businesses start to flourish.

  • Doublebara

    I would recommend Bestwood Flooring. Owner operated. Call Joe McKenna 347 327 1106. A neighborhood business.

  • Arch Stanton

    EHinBH, what on earth do you have against the car service?

  • Andrew Porter

    I looked at the windows at Michael Towne Liquors and see that before they were several feet deep, allowing displays. Now they are mere inches deep, so the only thing that can go in them are large posters, backlit by fluorescent bulbs.

    I once compared prices among CVS, Duane Reade on Montague & Court, and Rite Aid on Montague & Clinton, for a particular medication. CVS won hands down on price. You can pay in the pharmacy dept, bypass the poor service by cashiers in front.

  • Andrew Porter

    Forgot to mention that Crain’s NY Business reports that “the two-story, 4,172-square-foot carriage house [owned by the JH’s] located at 165 Columbia Heights fetched … $4.1 million”. Bought by Midwestern couple…