Inventive Christmas Tree Disposal in Brooklyn Heights

A BHB reader sent us this comment and photo:

It’s interesting that someone mentioned on the open thread last week that our hood could use a Xmas tree composting station. I was going to suggest that the dead end at Middagh St. would be a good open space to set it up. Well, apparently the neighbors have agreed to xmas tree disposal here as well, but this was not exactly what i was thinking!

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  • Villager

    wtf? Seems like a lot more effort than just putting it on the sidewalk with everything else.

  • Gerry

    @ villager I agree this is becoming science and its not.

  • Andrew Porter

    Over the years, someone — a homeless person? — has been throwing bags of garbage over the stone wall onto the verge next to the BQE, mostly around the curlique where the Promenade meets the no-man’s-land of trees and ivy next to the BQE. DOT never cleans there, nor does the Parks Dept. This looks like more of the same.

    At the end of Middagh, in the “green streets” planting area, there was an accumulation of garbage bags in the plantings, where I surmise someone was sleeping in warmer weather. It’s now been cleaned up.

  • Gerry

    @ Andrew Porter – do you mean the sopt at the end of Remsen street? Yes lost of junk gets dumped theere and residents of Remsen Street and Montague Terrace clean it up rather than wait for the DOT to get to it.

  • Andrew Porter

    No, not the end of Remsen: the end of Cranberry and Middagh, in among the trees and ivy that’s there, on the steep slope down to the BQE. The green place at the end of Remsen is flat and square and only has grass.